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Tuesday, May 18, 2021


NY budget is reckless

Apr 12, 2021

To the editor:
The legislators in Albany have passed a new budget of approximately $212 billion. That number should shock the citizenry, but, as usual, the budgetary wheels will be put in motion, days will pass and the people the legislators serve will simply be left to kvetch about the price tag - or leave New York State.
To put this budget in perspective, know that Florida has almost three million more people than New York and is geographically much larger than New York. Logically, you would think that Florida's budget would exceed New York.
Alas, Florida's 2021-2022 budget is less than half that of New York and has no state income tax - which is increasing under the new NYS budget.
Even more shocking is the fact that the new NYS budget even exceeds that of California, a state with twice as many people as New York.
I understand that state government has to pay its bills and invest in projects that benefit its citizens, but our elected representatives need to explain how a budget of this size is possible, especially compared to states of similar or greater size. Perhaps there is a good explanation for this budget or the fact that, despite a cash infusion from the Feds, it's an increase of 10% over last year.
Without an explanation of any kind (I've asked), I will be left to my opinion that this budget is reckless, harmful and an insult to all New Yorkers.

Tim McCausland

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