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Friday, August 14, 2020


This is not OK

Jul 6, 2020

To the editor:
A couple of weeks ago, my daughter and I drove across the bridge into Narrowsburg, N.Y. on our way to visit family graves in Youngsville.
As we drove up Bridge St., my daughter said that a N.Y.S. Trooper car was behind us, and apparently wanted us to pull over. We did so, and a male Trooper approached my daughter on the driver's side. A female Trooper came up behind me in the passenger seat.
The male Trooper stated that my daughter was not wearing her seat belt. She DEFINITELY was wearing it; but, unfortunately the black belt blended in perfectly with her black t-shirt.
Upon realizing his error the male Trooper ignored the FACT that he was wrong, and proceeded to ask for our licenses, registration and insurance card. Everything was in order.
After this most unsettling encounter, we were told to move along.
This was not OK! It was wrong on so many levels. That the Police could so blatantly ignore any semblance of sound reason and justice is incomprehensible!
I am a 79-year-old white woman and was very afraid. I cannot imagine how a 79-year-old Black woman would have felt under the same circumstances. The female Trooper standing behind me, with her hand on her pistol was frightening.

Virginia Shaara Jamieson
Beach Lake, PA

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