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Friday, August 14, 2020


Follow the money

Jul 9, 2020

To the editor:
In a letter published on June 30, the SC Democratic Committee wants us to believe there is “systemic racism throughout our society”.
Those two words, “systemic racism” were invented by people who want to divide our country even more than it is. Mention those two words to intelligent, America-loving black leaders like author and documentary filmmaker Shelby Steele or long-time civil rights attorney Leo Terrell, or Bob Woodson of the Woodson Foundation (who, with his “1776 Project” is countering the radical left's push to add their “1619 Project” to our public schools which twists our country's real history and insists that black people must see themselves as victims and they cannot achieve the American dream) and many other black community leaders and they will laugh at you and then school you as to what has really been going on in this country. They will also remind you that America is the only country that fought a war to end slavery!
Throughout their letter, the Democratic Committee tells us what we should do and what we should demand.
Nowhere in their letter do they condemn the violence, destruction of federal and private property, looting and burning, injuries to police and business owners or even the killing of police and business owners. Why is that? Why has no Democrat come out against the violence, except for Wisconsin State Senator Tim Carpenter who was brutally beaten by some BLM protesters while taking photos with his phone of a protest in his district. He was quickly shut up by Pelosi and Schumer.
The Democratic Committee also tells us that we should “directly and specifically support the call and the efforts of the Black Live Matter movement.” That is because BLM is a fundraising arm of the Democrats! When you click on that donate button on the BLM website, you can click all around (be sure to read the disclosures sections) and follow the money right to the DNC.

Denise Connolly

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