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Tuesday, May 18, 2021


Change has to come

Apr 1, 2021

To the editor:
It appears that government dysfunction reigns in New York at the state level, NYC level, and in Sullivan County.
At the state level there is a governor who should be removed from office, but for unknown reasons, remains in office despite his apparent disregard for women. But unfortunately for many, this type of behavior is acceptable. And the unfortunate matter is that this comes at a crucial time period in state government due to the pending state budget.
I am not going to spend any time on the NYC situation as events there are self-explanatory.
However, in Sullivan County, one finds the continuous drama of the Sullivan County Legislature and one wonders why nothing constructive ever gets accomplished in the county. Despite the recent real estate surge (which will bust), little positive has happened, and it appears that the local elected assembly member is primarily concerned with the fate of the casino and little else.
The late Otis Redding penned a lyric, “A change is gonna come,” and that lyric should be rephrased as it applies to New York State and Sullivan County Governments: A change gotta come!

Ralph John Savarese

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