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Friday, September 25, 2020


Long Eddy does not want a parking lot at river access

Dec 22, 2015

To the editor:
It was with disgust that I read the Delaware Highlands Conservancy's press release of December 16th.
Over and over again, the overwhelming majority of the residents of Long Eddy have told the Delaware Highlands Conservancy (DHC) that they DO NOT WANT A PARKING LOT on the banks of the Delaware River!
We even found another parcel of land in Long Eddy right on Route 97 in the commercial zone which would be better for the local businesses and environmentally sound. Yet at meeting after meeting, the conversation was attempted to be steered towards the DHC's objective of building a parking lot on what they themselves refer to as “with stirring, scenic views from either bank” - now those views will include a parking lot!
Funded by a so-called environmental group whose self-stated goal is “conserving our natural heritage and quality of life in partnership with landowners and the communities...”(donors beware, the DHC uses your money to build parking lots).
Over 90 percent of the landowners of Long Eddy DO NOT WANT IT!
As far as heritage is concerned, World War II hero Admiral Halsey's descendents have been duped out of their rights to the property so that the DHC can see its coveted parking lot built on the banks of the Delaware River.
I do not speak for the Long Eddy Hose Company, but, the so-called proposed agreement from the DHC to convey the property to the Long Eddy Hose Company - something the overwhelming majority of the Long Eddy residents were looking forward to instead of a DEC parking lot - is not an agreement that the Long Eddy Hose Company, or anybody in their right mind, could have even considered signing.
For one thing, there was a clause in the agreement which stated that if the Long Eddy Hose Company didn't do exactly what the DHC wanted and how the DHC wanted it done, then the property would revert back to the DHC without the Long Eddy Hose Company receiving its funds back. DESPICABLE!
Is democracy in America dead? When over 90 percent of a local community's desires for their town are simply ignored by a wealthy, self-serving political elite, one has to wonder.

Kyle FitzMaurice
Long Eddy

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