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Saturday, November 28, 2020


Farmers for Martucci

Oct 15, 2020

To the editor:
We, the undersigned farmers of Sullivan County, overwhelmingly support Mike Martucci for New York State Senate in the 42nd District.
We represent dairy, beef, poultry and egg producers and collectively we farm, and pay taxes on, thousands of acres of land in Sullivan County.
Many of us operate multi-generational farms that have sustained and supported many other agri-businesses in Sullivan and surrounding counties for decades.
Mike Martucci is a young father and devoted husband. Mike is an intelligent, hardworking, successful, business person with extraordinary energy and enthusiasm, and his family operates a farm in Orange County that was started by his grandfather.
Mike Martucci's decision to enter the race for Senate did not come easy. However as a father of three young children and a former business owner with several hundred employees, Mike realized there are things in New York that are a threat to those two most important parts of his life.
The dangerous “Bail Reform” law that puts criminals, some of them violent offenders, back on the streets only to commit crimes again sometimes within a matter of hours! Mike Martucci's opponent Jen Metzger voted in favor of that! The “Green Light” law that enables illegal immigrants to obtain a NYS driver's license! The “Dream Act” that creates a pathway for illegal immigrants to obtain free college tuition.
The “Farm Labor” law that is putting just another financial burden on our farms that have already been struggling for years because of some of the worst wholesale prices received for our products. These are legislated business killers that Mike Martucci's opponent fought for and voted in favor of!
We are witnessing and experiencing unprecedented times in our State and our Country. Businesses are struggling, many forced out of business due to COVID 19.
Violence and unrest continue in our streets, some not that far removed from Sullivan County. School and property taxes are nearly the highest in the nation forcing residents and businesses to leave New York each and every day!
We the farmers of Sullivan County realize this has to change and that is why our families are all supporting the only candidate that will make New York what it once was, a great place to raise a family and operate a business.
The farmers of Sullivan County proudly support Mike Martucci for NYS Senate in the 42nd District.

Weiss Dairy Farm
Brandon Peters Dairy
Kays Farm
LaBelle Farms, Inc.
Bella Poultry, Inc.
Cindy Farms, Inc.
Bose Dairy Farm
Sykes Dairy, LLP
Hudson Valley Chicken, LLC
Crystal Falls Farm
Lee's Egg Farm #2, LLC
Daniel Diehl Dairy
BK Logging & Beef Farm
Wil-Hugh Farm
Jose 1 Farms, Inc.
Hofer Log & Lumber

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