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Saturday, November 28, 2020


Vote for Jen Metzger!

Oct 22, 2020

To the editor:
Democrat, Jen Metzger is a superb State Senator. When Jen was on-hand assisting passers-by in Liberty to help them fill out voter registration forms she addressed the volunteers and told of the rough days she faced early on in life.
Metzger never forgot her underprivileged roots, devoting her entire public career, tirelessly working on behalf of the less fortunate and all who struggle every day to make ends meet.
Throughout her initial term Jen worked relentlessly to preserve the natural environment, secure medical treatment for the poor, establish a system of fair taxation, and open vital broadband coverage for all.
She also backed a bail reform measure, enabling the accused of NON-VIOLENT low-level infractions to be released from holding cells without having to post bail.
This approach helped reduce the taxpayer cost of lengthy incarcerations, and with emptier jails, lessened the odds of spreading the Covid 19 virus to the surrounding communities.
With nothing for the state GOP to attack her on, the party leadership took to spreading lies and fear over Jen's vote for the bail reform bill, much in the same way that Donald Trump tried to frighten the electorate about a supposed “caravan” of thousands invading the U.S. from Central America. Voters, however saw through the ruse and sent over forty more Democrats to Congress.
Now, her Republican rival, Mike Martucci has adopted similar scare tactics by falsely insinuating that the new measure has released a tidal wave of dangerous criminals onto the streets. And like Trump, Martucci has devoted much time to speaking on his business ventures and the usual GOP tirade against taxes that the corporate wealthy often avoids. Can anyone deny that the GOP/Trump actions have been a national disaster?
Wouldn't voters prefer the proven, effective, and compassionate Senator we have in Jen Metzger, over a possible ruinous Trump emulator? Vote to retain Jen Metzger. The future is in our hands.

Marshall Rubin

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