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Wednesday, March 3, 2021


Local Observations

Jan 7, 2021

To the editor:
I waited to let some time pass before weighing in on some of the stories that have appeared in The S.C. Democrat over the past few months.
First, the paid ad from former District Attorney Steve Lungen ‘endorsing' candidate Frank LaBuda in the most recent election and LaBuda's response is priceless. It appears they dislike each other. Who knew?
Secondly, I have never seen so many ‘Letters to the Editor' written by an acting Chair of the Legislature. Rob Doherty is as thin skinned as it gets. When someone is so sensitive to criticism, it is a signal. Don't be fooled!
Most importantly, is the result of the Mayor's race in the Village of Monticello. In all my years with the IDA, it was virtually impossible to get investments in the Village because of it being dysfunctional. Fortunately, Monticello has a new Mayor, George Nickolados, a person with a vision who can instill some confidence.
Unfortunately, the Board's first move after the election was to try and appoint Gary Sommers, Nickolados's opponent, as Village Manager. Really?! These are some of the same Board members who are responsible for the financial decline and chaos of the Village.
My hope is that the Village Board, instead of being obstructionists, can work with the new Mayor to reach a consensus on policies. It is time to do what's right. Your legacy and the people you serve depend on it.

Steve White

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