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Wednesday, March 3, 2021


Whose side are you on?

Jan 4, 2021

To the editor:
In his Dec. 29 “Here and There” column Ed Townsend questions the constitutionality of the recently enacted New York law that puts some clamps on selling and displaying the Confederate flag. I agree with Townsend's concerns about the possible chilling of free expression.
However his call for free expression didn't instill much confidence in me. Remember when some NFL players chose to kneel, rather than to stand for the playing of the National Anthem? Our “bone spurs” president called those athletes unpatriotic and said they should be fired. Where was Townsend when it came to defending those players' First Amendment rights?
Both the private displaying of the Confederate flag and the kneeling by the NFL players are legitimate, constitutionally protected forms of non-violent protest.
The difference is that many who display the Confederate flag do so in support of a failed, traitorous movement that took up arms against the United States in order to preserve slavery, while the kneeling NFL players acted to condemn racial injustice.
Given the choice that Townsend made as to which cause to defend I can only ask, whose side are you on, Ed?

Marshall Rubin

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