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Saturday, November 28, 2020


We have a choice

Oct 22, 2020

To the editor:
It should be the objective of any news media outlet to be fair and balanced in coverage of political candidates.
In the race for State Senate in this area, there appears to be favoritism to the current office holder.
True that her opponent has been lacking in articulating his specific agenda, but nonetheless this should not discount his candidacy.
It should be noted that the current office holder:
1. Voted for a state budget that included a provision to bar liability of the nursing home operator due to COVID-19.
2. She hasn't done enough to address Covid deaths in nursing homes.
3. She supports bail reform.
4. She was silent regarding the layoff of casino workers.
5. She recently allocated almost one million dollars in grant money to questionable projects while the State has a $5 billion dollar budget deficit.
6. She has done little to address the poverty of many residents in the area.
At least voters have a choice in the race for State Senate (unlike the race for the Assembly) and voters should choose wisely due to the unique circumstances of the present and future.

Ralph Savarese

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