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Saturday, November 28, 2020


Support for Jen Metzger for NY State Senate

Oct 22, 2020

To the editor:
This letter is in support of Senator Metzger's re-election as she has championed the hemp industry since 2018 when NY state opened the program. Jen is chairwoman of the Senate's Agricultural Committee with direct access to the NY state Agricultural Commissioner Richard Ball.
Jen has been advocating for the hemp industry and clarification of rules which were being determined by our regulator, the Department of Ag and Markets. Not only does Jen listen to our concerns and challenges, but with her legislative expertise and lobbying power, she is able to promote favorable interpretations of these rules and a farmer friendly agenda that supports local business and employment.
Jen's most significant accomplishment was legislation she sponsored calling for higher standards for the industry. This bill establishes standards for hemp growers and CBD manufacturers and retailers in NY and should serve as a model for the country. This bill was signed into law by our Governor last December with implementation to begin in 2021.
We enthusiastically support Jen Metzger's re-election bid on November 3rd.

Tricia Horst and Rick Weissman

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