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Saturday, November 28, 2020


Bipartisan works

Oct 19, 2020

To the editor:
No matter what political party that people feel aligned with - the majority of Americans simply like balance. Almost no one believes that the extremes of either party embodies the best vision for their state or their nation.
When one party holds all of the power - it is frightening because the views and beliefs of the “other side” are simply squashed and disregarded. When two parties share power- negotiations include views and perspectives from both sides- which is critical to the health of government.
One party rule in New York State is a good example of this. The Democrats hold all three branches of government in our state- the governor, the Assembly and the Senate.
This one party rule has pushed the Democratic Party far to the left and has many people - including registered Democrats - to question whose values they are representing?
Radical policies such as defunding police- no bail laws that release people that may be a danger to the community and or themselves- taking away the power for Judges to hold someone on bail that may be a high risk for reoffending- are not ideas that most adults are comfortable with.
If New York continues to live under one party rule- there is no braking mechanism for every radical or flaky idea that people come up with. NYC's extremist agenda is forced down our throats.
Let's get back to the middle New York. Support Mike Martucci. Bipartisan works. Crush one party rule when you vote.

Lisa Bacenet

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