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Monday, October 26, 2020


Get outside the echo chamber

Sep 14, 2020

To the editor:
Watching the political conventions to me meant taping FOX and ABC coverage each night. My assessment is that each followed the same script. Most of the folks leaned in an obvious direction with a few token others to keep it fair.
The striking difference was the interpretations of the speeches. As striking was which speakers were selected to be heard from and which were background wallpaper during a group discussion.
We interact with many people. We have golf friends and church friends. There are the dog park and boating friends, the gym and friends from the association. If there have been political discussions, I've been oblivious. Sometimes I may glean inclinations by a bumper sticker, hat or T-shirt.
I shared my observations. Sal said, “Why you wasting time watching ABC; it is all lies.” Later running into Marty, I hear, “Why you wasting time watching FOX; it is all lies.”
But they both listened when I shared some facts they were unaware of. I was not merely an echo chamber, nor a closed door but an American talking to another American. How are you going to talk, discuss and behave in November and December? Do your research and support your team, but after. Please no sour grapes, accusations, allegations.
That would play right into Putin's and Xi's plans. Whether those dictators influence our opinions and divisiveness through the media or just see the American people as suckers should anger all of us.
Join your friends again (virtually if necessary) and let your words not be an echo or your mind a closed door. I guess I'll be a patriot and support and hope for the best, meaning if my guy doesn't get in, I know 45-55% of my fellow citizens can't be totally wrong. I'll give him two years before I throw in my support or work to get the bum out.

Richard Stein

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