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Saturday, November 28, 2020


Despicable Politics

Oct 22, 2020

To the editor:
As we approach Election Day 2020, I would like to show my support for an Honorable, Honest and Sincere Politician.
I fully support Meagan Galligan for Sullivan County District Attorney! As a friend for several years, I know Meagan has the integrity, honesty and professionalism to be the Chief Law Enforcement Officer representing the residents and visitors of our great county.
I will not support the despicable, reprehensible and dishonest actions of former Judge Frank Labuda, as my name was one of numerous signatures forged on petitions submitted by former Judge LaBuda.
It wasn't one name or one page, but many names that appear to have been illegally obtained or simply forged! A County Court Judge, even a retired County Court Judge, should be very familiar with the laws, rules and regulations of the election petition process.
Petitions were left in restaurants and businesses around Sullivan County unwitnessed, while random names were being forged on them. Whether or not former Judge LaBuda personally forged the signatures or one of his minions at his direction, these actions are despicable and most likely illegal.
Perhaps that is why all four major party committees supported Meagan Galligan and not Frank LaBuda.
I give my support, my vote and my friendship to Meagan Galligan. An honest, dedicated and trusted attorney to lead law enforcement as our Sullivan County District Attorney.

Patricia Schmahl

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