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Friday, September 25, 2020


Get involved!

Jul 24, 2018

To the editor:
I am writing to encourage your readers to get involved in the campaign to elect Jen Metzger to the NY State Senate, 42nd District. I have known Jen for 15 years and have worked for her campaigns for local office in Rosendale, where she currently serves as a member of the town council. I have deep gratitude that someone with Jen's intelligence, integrity, compassion, and expertise wants to dedicate their life to public service in my hometown. I am jubilant that she now has the opportunity to represent me in the state senate.
The NY system is rigged to keep re-electing incumbents. With the retirement of Senator Bonacic the 42nd district has the opportunity to tip the balance to Democrats in the state senate. Whether you reside in the 42nd district or not, supporting Jen's campaign could make the difference in finally having a truly Democratic state senate. The travesty of the Trump presidency means that state government is more important than ever.
Jen is endorsed by the Working Families Party, Zephyr Teachout, Mike Hein, Kevin Cahill, Citizen Action of NY, the Orange County Democratic Committee, the Ulster County Democratic Committee, Ulster People for Justice & Democracy, and many more. Jen will work to pass the NY Health Act for universal health care in NY. She will work to pass legislation that ensures a clean energy economy that creates jobs, strengthens our public school system, and roots out the corrosive corruption in Albany. Please, get involved in this campaign today!

Stephanie Ellis

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