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Saturday, November 28, 2020


Consider values before you vote

Oct 22, 2020

To the editor:
The New York State Reproductive Health Act that Senator Metzger and the Democrat Majority pushed through goes well beyond legalizing abortion.
In fact, as everyone knows, abortion was already legal in New York before this act, and women were not prevented from obtaining an abortion prior to this law. This law took legal abortion and advanced it to include provisions that many people find horrific.
The RHA is a radical law that allows for abortions to be performed at any state of a pregnancy- even when the fetus might be viable to live outside the womb- this is known as late term abortion. In the second trimester, along with a beating heart, and brain development, the fetus has developed their own fingerprints, and their nervous system is maturing rapidly. The child is beginning to sleep and wake up at regular intervals, and reacts when it hears a loud sound. Allowing abortions at this stage is something that Metzger and her conference pushed for.
Equally as egregious is that Senator Metzger and her colleagues offer no protection to an unborn child that is killed in incidents of domestic abuse. If a woman in an advanced state of pregnancy is assaulted and loses her baby as a result of the assault- no charges are filed on behalf of the defenseless baby that died at the hands of the attacker.
Before you cast your vote this year, ask yourself about the values of your representatives- because in good conscience- who can support a Senator that supports this?

James P. Graham

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