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Friday, September 25, 2020


Vote for Brian Flynn

May 31, 2018

To the editor:
I am voting for Brian Flynn in the June primary because as a Congressional Representative for District 19 he will work to enact legislation that supports working families and creates the good jobs that are essential for our district's well-being. Brian advocates for an integrated set of supports that will return investments in the public good after years of unbalanced growth in corporate wealth and big-money influence that only benefits the wealthiest.
Good paying jobs in District 19 will not happen without investments in transportation and technology infrastructure, education, and vocational training. Access to quality health care that can transfer from one job to another is necessary if people are to be able to change employment in our fluid economy. Entrepreneurs who want to set up a small business should not be deterred by the costs of providing health care. Without health care and good jobs, we have a shrinking tax base, increased levels of disadvantage and demoralization and the connected social costs.
These steps will not be taken if we continue on the current trajectory. The withdrawal of investments from people into the pockets of those at the top has given us the illusion that we have nothing to work with. Imagine the investments in workers that could have been made with the money that just went to the massive tax cuts to those at the top. Those cuts will result in higher debt and fewer investments in workers going forward.
Brian's town hall presentations display his serious study and commitment to how we can achieve Medicare for all. Visit his website: and his Facebook page.

Susan Staples
Stone Ridge

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