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Monday, October 26, 2020


Do not let them convince you

To the editor:
Should Sullivan County's Public Health Services be privatized? A month ago I never thought about it. Today I deeply care that this public service is now slated to be privatized by the Sullivan County Legislature. Our county legislature has put the public health care staff up for sale. Let's stop them from this action.
One month ago an accident left me unable to walk. I live alone and am a senior. I was frantic to figure out how I would cope. Unfortunately Garnet Hospital gave me no home care plan. It was ready to send me home with crutches and well wishes.
Through my own advocacy I found a rehab facility to learn basic survival techniques. They worked with me and kept my stay short by bringing in the Public Health Services. Our taxes pay for this cost effective public benefit. It is easy to take these services for granted when one is not in need for oneself or a loved one.
Sullivan County Public Health Services needs our public support. Do not let the Sullivan County Legislature convince us that by privatizing public health services we will not be affected. Privatized services too easily end up helping those most easy to reach and with the ability to pay.
The Sullivan County Legislature has failed to make public their plan to peel off this public service. Why? When our county legislature protects all individuals rather than only those who can afford quality care, then the legislature has done its true job. Don't let them sell Sullivan County Public Health Services to private business. Don't let them try to convince us that quality of service won't be affected.
My health and those of my neighbors should not be treated as a commodity that may or may not be cost effective to serve. Keep Sullivan County Public Health Services public.

Darlene Midlang

Acting DA Galligan's got what it takes

To the editor:
I can no longer stay silent on the race for Sullivan County District Attorney. Having served in this position for 28 years, and knowing both candidates well, I feel compelled to make my position public.
To properly serve as District Attorney, one must have the attributes of competency, morality, legal skill, a willingness to do what is right and not politically easy, and most importantly, to be of high moral character and integrity.
Frank LaBuda does not have these vital qualities or experience necessary to be your next District Attorney. Meagan Galligan does.
LaBuda worked in the DA's Office from January 1982 through February 1989. What I observed was his blatant duplicity and lack of integrity, loyalty and ethics in handling criminal cases for his friends. As a result I fired him.
What prompts me to speak out is that LaBuda is embellishing and deceptively glorifying his military background to gain voters support. His campaign literature and statements claim he is a “combat veteran,” “served under fire” and that he is “battle-tested.” This is pure fiction.
The reality is that LaBuda never served in any combat arms. He served as an officer in the Judge Advocate General Corps. In simple terms, he was a lawyer in the Army. These false statements dishonor our veterans and particularly those that actually served in harm's way.
It is crucial that voters know that LaBuda is not telling them the truth and does not have the track record or ethics to lead our law enforcement community with integrity and honor.
I am urging you, regardless of your party affiliation, to vote for Acting DA Meagan Galligan and encourage everyone you know to do the same. I know that she is the best and most qualified person to keep us safe and the person we can be most proud of to be our chief law enforcement officer.
I know what it takes to lead with integrity. Meagan Galligan has the right stuff; Frank LaBuda does not.

Steve Lungen

Catskills Young Farmers Persist with Support of Senator Metzger

To the editor:
Young farmers in the region are persisting through the COVID-19 pandemic. With gritty resilience, farmers are cultivating a collaborative model of agriculture that centers ecological regeneration, economic viability, and social equity- and doing so despite challenges presented before the crisis's advent.
Specifically, Greater Catskills Young Farmers Coalition members cite access to secure land tenure, capital, health care, infrastructure, markets, technical training, business and financial management education, climate change, affordable housing, and student loan debt as primary obstacles to farming.
Senator Metzger understands that the responsibility of nurturing a model of agriculture that addresses the structural barriers of young farmers in the region should not fall on the shoulders of these individuals. For example, Metzger acted to reduce sales threshold requirements for an agricultural assessment.
Resultantly, Jen is helping keep farmers on the land thus promoting food security, local economic stimulation, and climate change mitigation in the State. Relatedly, Metzger comprehends the gravity of insufficient broadband access preventing farmers from pivoting outlets online. She has been stalwart in efforts to expand broadband while demanding accountability and transparency.
Throughout the pandemic, Metzger has been a leader in bridging the disunity of the region's food system whereby there are consumers struggling to access fresh foods neighboring diversified farms striving to maintain sales.
When invited to participate in the Promoting Racial Equity in the Food System and Agriculture Roundtable, Jen mobilized cohorts in the Senate and Assembly to participate.
Jen is eager to support farmers with a solution-building mindset to generate change through legislation.

Bari Zeiger

Support Martucci

To the editor:
I am writing to express my sincere and whole-hearted support of Mike Martucci for State Senate.
Mike is a truly amazing young man that worked hard to build a successful business generously sharing the fruits of his success, along with his wife Erin, by starting and completely funding a charitable foundation to help others.
Throughout the pandemic Mike volunteered to deliver meals, and he spent thousands of dollars to fill the shelves of local food pantries. Mike has such positive energy and is passionate about entering public service as our state senator.
Mike worked previously to help lobby for legislation to better regulate the school bus industry and to promote stricter standards for drug testing and criminal background checks.
Mike will bring the passion and integrity we need in Albany and make sure that people that live and work in our communities are well- represented.
I encourage people that love our beautiful community as much as I do, and that care about our safety and well-being to help elect Mike Martucci to be our next State Senator.

Barbara White

Support for Jen Metzger for NY State Senate

To the editor:
This letter is in support of Senator Metzger's re-election as she has championed the hemp industry since 2018 when NY state opened the program. Jen is chairwoman of the Senate's Agricultural Committee with direct access to the NY state Agricultural Commissioner Richard Ball.
Jen has been advocating for the hemp industry and clarification of rules which were being determined by our regulator, the Department of Ag and Markets. Not only does Jen listen to our concerns and challenges, but with her legislative expertise and lobbying power, she is able to promote favorable interpretations of these rules and a farmer friendly agenda that supports local business and employment.
Jen's most significant accomplishment was legislation she sponsored calling for higher standards for the industry. This bill establishes standards for hemp growers and CBD manufacturers and retailers in NY and should serve as a model for the country. This bill was signed into law by our Governor last December with implementation to begin in 2021.
We enthusiastically support Jen Metzger's re-election bid on November 3rd.

Tricia Horst and Rick Weissman

America Matters

To the editor:
I am a passionate American. I love my country and value the Republican principles.
As I reflect on all the craziness over the past four years, I ask myself; what happened to our Republican Party? What happened to their political convictions of freedom and opportunity for all? The true voice has been silenced by our own President himself! Many have become disheartened with Donald Trump's self serving leadership.
As we “tip toe” around political conversations, what we hear most often is, “He will keep our economy strong.” But for whom and at what cost?
The overall strength of our nation is directly related to the person we choose to lead us: one with high moral character, collaborative leadership, honesty and integrity. We need a person we have confidence in and who will communicate effectively to fellow Americans AND to the world.
Many may not agree with Biden on all issues but he will lead our country by choosing unity over division. There are legitimate concerns by Trump that absolutely need to be addressed respectfully and responsibly, without exploitation. We need a president that will make team-centered decisions not self-centered ones.
To become the “America” the entire world can be proud of; the best choice for us is Joe Biden.
America matters to me.
The planet matters to me.
Does it matter to you?

Patti Sonnenschein
Glen Wild

Re-elect Richard Dame

To the editor:
It is with great pride I write this letter in support of re-election of Justice Richard Dame for the Town of Rockland Town Justice. While I am not currently a resident of the Town of Rockland, or Sullivan County I feel it is very important for those who are there to know the true character of this candidate and the asset he is to the local community.
Judge Dame has lived and raised his family in the Town of Rockland for over 50 years. He moved his family to this community to afford his wife and children a better life than that of New York City metro area.
Even though he commuted for years to New York City his children went to Livingston Manor Central School, and his wife worked at the school. They already had ties to the community from his wife's family who also were lifelong residents.
Judge Dame has always been an active member of his community. Whether it be through the church, the fire department, or lending a hand to someone in need. Actually physically working and getting his hands dirty to help with fundraising functions for local residents or lending a hand to anyone in need.
When I was living in the Town of Rockland, I was befriended by Judge Dame and his wife whom I always knew and admired. I attended Livingston Manor Central School with their children. I was going through a very trying set of personal circumstances.They cared and had empathy. I personally cannot thank them enough for their support during what was one of the most difficult times of my life. I'm honored to call them friends.
It is with great pride that I endorse Judge Richard Dame on Row “C” the Conservative Party line for his bid for re-election. He is a man of great character and substance. Who embraces his community, served his community in many capacities and is sensitive to today's circumstances.

Lisa Shaver

Despicable Politics

To the editor:
As we approach Election Day 2020, I would like to show my support for an Honorable, Honest and Sincere Politician.
I fully support Meagan Galligan for Sullivan County District Attorney! As a friend for several years, I know Meagan has the integrity, honesty and professionalism to be the Chief Law Enforcement Officer representing the residents and visitors of our great county.
I will not support the despicable, reprehensible and dishonest actions of former Judge Frank Labuda, as my name was one of numerous signatures forged on petitions submitted by former Judge LaBuda.
It wasn't one name or one page, but many names that appear to have been illegally obtained or simply forged! A County Court Judge, even a retired County Court Judge, should be very familiar with the laws, rules and regulations of the election petition process.
Petitions were left in restaurants and businesses around Sullivan County unwitnessed, while random names were being forged on them. Whether or not former Judge LaBuda personally forged the signatures or one of his minions at his direction, these actions are despicable and most likely illegal.
Perhaps that is why all four major party committees supported Meagan Galligan and not Frank LaBuda.
I give my support, my vote and my friendship to Meagan Galligan. An honest, dedicated and trusted attorney to lead law enforcement as our Sullivan County District Attorney.

Patricia Schmahl

We have a choice

To the editor:
It should be the objective of any news media outlet to be fair and balanced in coverage of political candidates.
In the race for State Senate in this area, there appears to be favoritism to the current office holder.
True that her opponent has been lacking in articulating his specific agenda, but nonetheless this should not discount his candidacy.
It should be noted that the current office holder:
1. Voted for a state budget that included a provision to bar liability of the nursing home operator due to COVID-19.
2. She hasn't done enough to address Covid deaths in nursing homes.
3. She supports bail reform.
4. She was silent regarding the layoff of casino workers.
5. She recently allocated almost one million dollars in grant money to questionable projects while the State has a $5 billion dollar budget deficit.
6. She has done little to address the poverty of many residents in the area.
At least voters have a choice in the race for State Senate (unlike the race for the Assembly) and voters should choose wisely due to the unique circumstances of the present and future.

Ralph Savarese

Vote for Jen Metzger!

To the editor:
Democrat, Jen Metzger is a superb State Senator. When Jen was on-hand assisting passers-by in Liberty to help them fill out voter registration forms she addressed the volunteers and told of the rough days she faced early on in life.
Metzger never forgot her underprivileged roots, devoting her entire public career, tirelessly working on behalf of the less fortunate and all who struggle every day to make ends meet.
Throughout her initial term Jen worked relentlessly to preserve the natural environment, secure medical treatment for the poor, establish a system of fair taxation, and open vital broadband coverage for all.
She also backed a bail reform measure, enabling the accused of NON-VIOLENT low-level infractions to be released from holding cells without having to post bail.
This approach helped reduce the taxpayer cost of lengthy incarcerations, and with emptier jails, lessened the odds of spreading the Covid 19 virus to the surrounding communities.
With nothing for the state GOP to attack her on, the party leadership took to spreading lies and fear over Jen's vote for the bail reform bill, much in the same way that Donald Trump tried to frighten the electorate about a supposed “caravan” of thousands invading the U.S. from Central America. Voters, however saw through the ruse and sent over forty more Democrats to Congress.
Now, her Republican rival, Mike Martucci has adopted similar scare tactics by falsely insinuating that the new measure has released a tidal wave of dangerous criminals onto the streets. And like Trump, Martucci has devoted much time to speaking on his business ventures and the usual GOP tirade against taxes that the corporate wealthy often avoids. Can anyone deny that the GOP/Trump actions have been a national disaster?
Wouldn't voters prefer the proven, effective, and compassionate Senator we have in Jen Metzger, over a possible ruinous Trump emulator? Vote to retain Jen Metzger. The future is in our hands.

Marshall Rubin

Our Commitment to Deliver for You this Election Season

To the editor:
With a record number of people voting by mail, the 5,400 employees of the Westchester District are actively working together with our postal colleagues throughout New York State and across the country to ensure the secure, timely delivery of our nation's Election Mail.
This is our number one priority and we are working closely with state, county, and local election officials to meet this goal.
We take our longstanding role in the electoral process very seriously and are confident in our capability and capacity to deliver in this election season.
In October and November, the Postal Service has allocated additional resources including expanded processing procedures, extra transportation, extra delivery and collection trips and overtime to ensure Election Mail reaches its intended destination in a timely manner.
Consistent with practices used in past elections, extraordinary measures will be used to accelerate the delivery of ballots including: expedited handling, extra deliveries and special pickups.
We recommend planning ahead and acting early when choosing to vote through the U.S. Mail. Our Post Offices and retail locations are open, our mail carriers are at the ready and our collection boxes will be monitored and cleared regularly.
As we continue receiving ballots cast by mail, voters in New York can be assured that the women and men of the U.S. Postal Service are united and fully focused on our public service mission of secure and timely mail delivery.

Elvin Mercado
White Plains

Re-Elect State Senator Jen Metzger

To the editor:
As a local mother and task force member of Climate Smart Gardiner, I am tremendously thankful to live in a community that is represented by State Senator Jen Metzger.
First off, Jen Metzger is one of the most down to earth, humble, and hardworking people you will ever meet. When you speak with her, you know she cares about your concerns and that she and her staff will make every effort to address those concerns.
My own experience with Jen Metzger starts from when she helped our little Climate Smart Gardiner committee get off the ground. This was before she ran for State Senate, and our conversations at the time were encouraging and informative.
After Jen became a State Senator, she graciously attended the ribbon cutting ceremony for Gardiner's recently installed Charging Station, and not only did she show her support by attending the event, she also demonstrated how to charge her EV at the charging station.
Senator Metzger recognizes how important it is that New Yorkers transition to electrified transportation in the coming years if we are to make any significant reduction in NY's greenhouse gas emissions.
Senator Metzger is facing a very tight race, and if you care about the issue of climate change, you cannot ask for a better leader. I hope you will join me and vote to re-elect State Senator Jen Metzger.

Kim Mayer


To the editor:
Your eyes are most important
To be what you will be
Helps you go, walk through the snow
So strong cause you can see
Some forlorn when they are born
And a problem should arise
Rub and rub, a little scrub, there's pain within my eyes
Mom and me, the Doc. we'll see
She said you cannot wait
Got there real darn early
The Dr. said that's great
Took not long, not much wrong
A cleaning and some drops
All due to the two of you
What started had to stop.

Catherine LoBosco


To the editor:
Are all of you waiting for the holiday, I mean,
Happy go lucky, yes, it's Halloween
Forget a little if you can
hoping it's allowed
Rules we all must follow
No such thing as a crowd
Hopeful, cross our fingers
Kiddies wait each year
The world has really changed today
Filled with so much fear
Hopeful that's all we can do
Just go with the flow
Whatever Mom and Dad tells us
With them we will go.

Catherine LoBosco

So confused

To the editor:
When you have discomfort
Just life as a whole
Nowhere to turn
Look around nota soul
So much has changed, people and more
Feeling lil' odd to enter a store
Look around, buy what you may
No Hi's or Goodbye's, go on your way
Confused, guess it hits one and all
Soon with our prayers we'll get that call
Sure miss when you lose what ya got
Like meeting your party, pass right up the block
If you're blessed with good health you and your honey
All else will just follow
Your days will become sunny.

Catherine LoBosco

Consider values before you vote

To the editor:
The New York State Reproductive Health Act that Senator Metzger and the Democrat Majority pushed through goes well beyond legalizing abortion.
In fact, as everyone knows, abortion was already legal in New York before this act, and women were not prevented from obtaining an abortion prior to this law. This law took legal abortion and advanced it to include provisions that many people find horrific.
The RHA is a radical law that allows for abortions to be performed at any state of a pregnancy- even when the fetus might be viable to live outside the womb- this is known as late term abortion. In the second trimester, along with a beating heart, and brain development, the fetus has developed their own fingerprints, and their nervous system is maturing rapidly. The child is beginning to sleep and wake up at regular intervals, and reacts when it hears a loud sound. Allowing abortions at this stage is something that Metzger and her conference pushed for.
Equally as egregious is that Senator Metzger and her colleagues offer no protection to an unborn child that is killed in incidents of domestic abuse. If a woman in an advanced state of pregnancy is assaulted and loses her baby as a result of the assault- no charges are filed on behalf of the defenseless baby that died at the hands of the attacker.
Before you cast your vote this year, ask yourself about the values of your representatives- because in good conscience- who can support a Senator that supports this?

James P. Graham

Rebuttal to Farmers for Martucci

To the editor:
The farmers who wrote about their support for Mr. Martucci spoke at great length about his personal character.
I'm not disputing his kindness nor his family devotedness. But, when all the campaign flyers I have received...and they seem to be coming every day, consist mainly of vilifying his opponent as a “radical left” I must doubt some of their claims.
When I see a billboard on Rte 17 showing the profile of Jen Metzger superimposed with one of AOC, I realize his main message is to just smear his opponent. And, there are actually many more acts of violence by the extreme right.
New York is great, it has always been great, and a policy of throwing mud at the opposition is not enriching our state.

Donna Oglio Goldoff
Rock Hill

Keep Meagan Galligan for DA

To the editor:
In a recent letter made public by Retired District Attorney Steve Lungen, he states:
“Labuda worked for me in the DA's office from January 1982 to February of 1989. I fired him for cause due to his blatant duplicity and lack of integrity and ethics in handling criminal cases for his friends.”
The fleecing of Sullivan County voters...when someone is fired from a position for duplicity and lack of integrity, then reapplies for the highest position in the same office. One would think there would be protection for the people from such trickery.
Keep Meagan Galligan for District Attorney.

Joanne L. Gerow
Swan Lake

Uproot the free money tree

To the editor:
With only weeks to go before Election Day Senator Jen Metzger seems to have discovered the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! Even in this pandemic stricken economic environment where many businesses have been forced to close and tens of thousands of people have lost their jobs, Metzger has been handing out taxpayer money like never before!
As recently reported in the Sullivan County Democrat, Metzger has promised nearly one million in funding for projects including hiking trails, bathroom upgrades at a Town Park and restoration of an old church!
With a $14.5 billion deficit in New York and property taxes that are forcing people and businesses to leave the state in record numbers, now is definitely not the time to be recklessly funding non-essential projects.
Sullivan County has imposed an additional energy tax on our already struggling residents. Several of the Towns in the County have voted to override the State mandated tax cap.
The State has informed the local municipalities to plan for at least a 20% reduction in State funding that is necessary for essential infrastructure projects. With all of this in mind how can Metzger justify all of this funding going to unnecessary projects? She can't!
New York needs to elect business oriented candidates to our State Senate and Assembly if we ever want to end the wasteful spending like Metzger is very proud to be part of.
Mike Martucci is a successful businessman that will end the decades long give away of our hard earned tax dollars. Mike Martucci will ensure that essential services are appropriately funded and put and end to New York's free money tree. Mike Martucci is the only candidate with the business experience that knows New York cannot continue what Metzger has been a big part of, wasteful spending.
Vote for Mike Martucci for State Senate in the 42nd District.

Bill Frederick
Livingston Manor

Elect Gallaigan as our next DA

To the editor:
As a 56-year member of the Republican committee, I have chosen to support a Democrat, Meagan Galligan, for District Attorney. She graduated magna cum laude from NYU, received her law degree from Georgetown University and is an excellent attorney.
She is a hard worker who has built a reputation working side by side with her police partners in law enforcement. She knows a chief prosecutor's job does not end at the close of business but requires a 24-hour commitment to answer a call and join her law enforcement partners to keep our county safe.
She is highly qualified. During her twelve years of experience in the District Attorney's office she has built an impressive list of accomplishments and success prosecuting some of the most complex and serious cases including People vs Novak in 2017 for first degree murder.
She has exhibited the ability to make the necessary hard decisions showcasing her integrity, decency and moral character. Her exemplary service in the DA's office has led to her promotion to Chief Assistant DA by now County Court Judge Jim Farrell. She was recently appointed acting Sullivan County District Attorney.
The Democratic Party endorsed Meagan Galligan rather than Mr. LaBuda, a fellow long-term Democrat. Mr. LaBuda then changed his registration simply to further his own personal agenda.
I know integrity, decency, education, wisdom, training, experience, and reputation are very important to be a successful and trusted Prosecutor. I know she possesses these necessary traits and will continue to be a great prosecutor as our DA. Remember, the DA has massive powers over life, liberty and property and that is why these personal traits are so important.
The outpouring of support for Meagan Galligan from the law enforcement community is impressive. They find her prepared, firm, fair and trusted to make the right decisions for the safety of Sullivan County.
Her conservative values, proud support of the Second Amendment (she has a pistol permit and a pistol) and her commitment to strictly adhere to upholding the Constitution makes her an outstanding choice for DA.
My long tenure in the Republican party makes me especially proud that our county is safer because of the history of Republican leadership in key law enforcement positions. I believe she, a registered Democrat, has proven she will carry on the work of Jim Farrell, Steve Lungen, Robert C. Williams, Louis B. Scheinman and so many more great Sullivan County DA's.
I wholeheartedly and unequivocally urge you to join me and vote for our acting DA, Meagan Galligan for Sullivan County District Attorney. You will find her on the Democratic, Conservative and Independence lines.

Richard I. Coombe

Galligan has a plan

To the editor:
As a lifelong Republican, I have predominantly supported Republican candidates. However, on November 3, I, along with my family, will support who we know to be the best candidate for Sullivan County District Attorney. That candidate is currently Sullivan County's Acting District Attorney, Meagan Galligan.
Galligan's opponent is a longtime registered Democrat who changed his party affiliation only after realizing that his own party would not support his nomination as the Democratic candidate. Instead, the Democratic party of Sullivan County has chosen Galligan, the best candidate.
While I respect former Judge LaBuda and am thankful for his service, I will not support his questionable attempt to become our next DA. I easily made that decision at the Republican Nominating Convention earlier this year, not just because the committee members present overwhelmingly chose acting DA Galligan over former Judge LaBuda—it was after listening to both candidates speak that night.
Galligan spoke passionately about the importance of the office of the DA and her role as the Chief Assistant DA for the last eight years. She spoke about her plan to combat opioid abuse, maybe the greatest threat to our County even in the midst of a global pandemic! She spoke about the dangers of New York's recently passed Bail Reform law and how it would (and does) affect the prosecutorial abilities of the DA.
Galligan's opponent, after carrying a large backpack through the crowd and dropping it on the floor in front of the now somewhat anxious listeners, rambled on about the many decisions (purportedly in some publication contained in the backpack), that he had rendered during his time on the bench. I felt as if I was being lectured as to why he “deserves” to be our next DA and that somehow we owe it to him instead of detailing his plan forward if he were to become our next DA.
Galligan has that plan and has shown me why she will continue to be an aggressive prosecutor representing ALL of us as Sullivan County's top law enforcement official.

Tom Bose

Support Galligan

To the editor:
I had the privilege of serving as Town Justice in the Town of Tusten for 16 years before retiring in 2018.
During that time several Assistant District Attorneys were assigned to my Court. One of the ADA's was Meagan Galligan. She was always very well prepared, prompt and quietly and effectively performed her duties. I was extremely impressed with her representation of the District Attorney's office.
Because of my positive professional association with Meagan Galligan, I am voting for and strongly supporting her for District Attorney. I respectively ask that others consider doing the same.

Thomas H. Nuttycombe

Wake up Legislature!

To the editor:
In Sullivan County, the Chairman of the Legislature, Mr. Robert A. Doherty, has taken to publishing his very own newsletter.
In this month's edition, he congratulates himself on the transfer of the Care Center (county's nursing home) and the County's Certified Home Health Care Agency (CHHA) from the ownership of the county to a Community Development Corporation, which he plans to use to lease these entities.
Why does Mr. Doherty think this is such a swell idea, to outsource two of the county's best and most venerable health institutions? Basically, his agenda is to systematically dismantle any social or health services that aren't mandated, because they “burden the taxpayer.”
In reality, his project will have very little impact on our taxes, as the county will still bear the burden for the poor health of vulnerable residents. He also claims that putting the nursing home and CHHA “under new management” will not affect the quality of services or put county employees out of work.
Well, the first thing any new owner or leaser will do is fire the union employees and hire nonunion ones. NYSDOH regulations ensure that this can happen 90 days after the sale or lease has taken place (New York State Department of Health Regulations, Article 7, Section 763.11, Governing Authority.)
Meanwhile, Doherty's partisan attacks on the Department of Public Health will deplete our resources to deal with the pandemic while the legislators dazedly follow his lead, having voted 8 to 1 to allow this transfer with a half-baked resolution that they had only barely read and which hadn't been passed through any committees or was ever seen by the Director of Public Health.
The Sullivan County Legislators need to wake up and do their jobs to keep the few health resources and experts which the county has built up, painfully, over many years, to protect their vulnerable residents.

Lise Kennedy, RN, BSN, MS

Do your homework

To the editor:
It's time to send Jen Metzger on her way out of Albany. Her bail reform has put criminals back out on the streets. She has put our law enforcement in a lot of danger out there and everybody's lives at risk with the bail reform she co-sponsored.
Michael Martucci is for our families, farmers and against the bail reform bill. He will work to get that bill changed. He is for safe streets and safe families. Michael Martucci will add jobs to our economy and work to lower our taxes.
Do not believe what Jen Metzger has put out there with those lies about Michael Martucci and those bus accidents. Those buses were photo props not his buses, as you can see in those pictures, none of them say Quality Bus Service LLC.
Michael Martucci would never jeopardize any child out there by putting malfunctioning buses on the road with faulty brakes, exhaust, leaks, etc.
If any of his drivers had a problem with their buses he would have them take another bus to do their routes.
Michael Martucci is past President of the NYS BUS Contractors Association and has come up with safety improvements for busing. Do your homework people, check with the NYS DOT at NYS DMV office. It's time to take back Albany and send Jen Metgzer packing and send those politicians back to school.
So please get out and vote November 3rd, 2020.

Paul Champagne

Bipartisan works

To the editor:
No matter what political party that people feel aligned with - the majority of Americans simply like balance. Almost no one believes that the extremes of either party embodies the best vision for their state or their nation.
When one party holds all of the power - it is frightening because the views and beliefs of the “other side” are simply squashed and disregarded. When two parties share power- negotiations include views and perspectives from both sides- which is critical to the health of government.
One party rule in New York State is a good example of this. The Democrats hold all three branches of government in our state- the governor, the Assembly and the Senate.
This one party rule has pushed the Democratic Party far to the left and has many people - including registered Democrats - to question whose values they are representing?
Radical policies such as defunding police- no bail laws that release people that may be a danger to the community and or themselves- taking away the power for Judges to hold someone on bail that may be a high risk for reoffending- are not ideas that most adults are comfortable with.
If New York continues to live under one party rule- there is no braking mechanism for every radical or flaky idea that people come up with. NYC's extremist agenda is forced down our throats.
Let's get back to the middle New York. Support Mike Martucci. Bipartisan works. Crush one party rule when you vote.

Lisa Bacenet

Re-Elect Senator Jen Metzger

To the editor:
Five years ago we traveled to Kingston, NY to attend a Municipality Streetlights Forum headed by then Rosendale Councilwoman Jen Metzger.
We were impressed by Jen's knowledge and wholehearted willingness to lead our small town on the path to LED streetlights. Jen made herself available to us and guided Tusten all along the way. As a pioneer in municipality LED streetlights, she shared with us, all possible options.
As a result, our town, a certified Climate Smart Community, will have all new, town-owned LED streetlights by this year's end! We will be a part of the solution saving energy and money for the taxpayers as well as protecting the environment.
Over her productive term as State Senator, we have kept in touch with Jen and attended town forums to hear about all of her initiatives and accomplishments across the county.
Jen has impressed us both with her ability to unite divided communities by listening to all sides with impartiality, enthusiasm and a true understanding of the issues important to all upstate residents and merchants. Few elected officials are as honest, bright and engaged at a grassroots level as Jen.
In addition, her office team has been available to inform and help with local issues as they arrive. We are truly fortunate to have Jen serve us because she cares and gets things done!
Re-Elect Senator Jen Metzger 2020!

Brandi Merolla and Star Hesse

Farmers for Martucci

To the editor:
We, the undersigned farmers of Sullivan County, overwhelmingly support Mike Martucci for New York State Senate in the 42nd District.
We represent dairy, beef, poultry and egg producers and collectively we farm, and pay taxes on, thousands of acres of land in Sullivan County.
Many of us operate multi-generational farms that have sustained and supported many other agri-businesses in Sullivan and surrounding counties for decades.
Mike Martucci is a young father and devoted husband. Mike is an intelligent, hardworking, successful, business person with extraordinary energy and enthusiasm, and his family operates a farm in Orange County that was started by his grandfather.
Mike Martucci's decision to enter the race for Senate did not come easy. However as a father of three young children and a former business owner with several hundred employees, Mike realized there are things in New York that are a threat to those two most important parts of his life.
The dangerous “Bail Reform” law that puts criminals, some of them violent offenders, back on the streets only to commit crimes again sometimes within a matter of hours! Mike Martucci's opponent Jen Metzger voted in favor of that! The “Green Light” law that enables illegal immigrants to obtain a NYS driver's license! The “Dream Act” that creates a pathway for illegal immigrants to obtain free college tuition.
The “Farm Labor” law that is putting just another financial burden on our farms that have already been struggling for years because of some of the worst wholesale prices received for our products. These are legislated business killers that Mike Martucci's opponent fought for and voted in favor of!
We are witnessing and experiencing unprecedented times in our State and our Country. Businesses are struggling, many forced out of business due to COVID 19.
Violence and unrest continue in our streets, some not that far removed from Sullivan County. School and property taxes are nearly the highest in the nation forcing residents and businesses to leave New York each and every day!
We the farmers of Sullivan County realize this has to change and that is why our families are all supporting the only candidate that will make New York what it once was, a great place to raise a family and operate a business.
The farmers of Sullivan County proudly support Mike Martucci for NYS Senate in the 42nd District.

Weiss Dairy Farm
Brandon Peters Dairy
Kays Farm
LaBelle Farms, Inc.
Bella Poultry, Inc.
Cindy Farms, Inc.
Bose Dairy Farm
Sykes Dairy, LLP
Hudson Valley Chicken, LLC
Crystal Falls Farm
Lee's Egg Farm #2, LLC
Daniel Diehl Dairy
BK Logging & Beef Farm
Wil-Hugh Farm
Jose 1 Farms, Inc.
Hofer Log & Lumber

Elect Mike Martucci to State Senate

To the editor:
As we approach Election day, it has only become more apparent as to why we must elect Mike Martucci to represent us in Albany. We need a representative who isn't afraid to elevate our voices and make decisions for the betterment of our communities.
One-party rule drowns out significant minority opinions that need to be heard. Policies decided and voted on a majority of Democratic politicians in New York City and Long Island greatly affect the Hudson Valley. We need a state government that is significantly more representative of its people.
Mike Martucci is dedicated to repealing bail reform to ensure our communities are their safest, introducing tax credits to mitigate burdens placed on our farmers, and is committed to helping small businesses.
As a local farmer, former business owner, and philanthropist, it is evident these issues are personal to him as well. We live in communities that rely on our small businesses, our farmers, our families, etc., and I believe Mike will relay this sentiment while in office.
Whether you are Republican, Democrat, or undecided, I hope you can see past party division and recognize the meaningful change Mike can make in our rural communities should we elect him to represent us in the NY State Senate.

Meaghan Shea

Jen represents us all

To the editor:
I first met Senator Jen Metzger about ten years ago. Our families were part of an informal group of motley locals who met once a week to play soccer together.
Sometimes the teams were mixed and sometimes it was parents vs. kids, with ages ranging from 3 to 40 plus. Family Soccer, as it was known, was a rare opportunity for a diverse, intergenerational, outdoor gathering - just for the fun of it.
Jen stood out as a warm, dedicated parent who, as busy as she was, knew it was critically important to set regular time aside to be with her kids and neighbors.
Over time, I came to know of her extensive involvement in local government, her passion for access to high quality education, her extensive work for environmental protection, and her commitment to economic development in our community.
Jen's concern about balancing funding for public education while keeping property taxes affordable is a pillar of her work in Albany. As the Director of Citizens for Local Power and a member of the New York State Clean Energy Advisory Council, she fought for environmental protection and promotion of green jobs.
She has worked tirelessly to protect our water and the air quality of our beautiful Hudson Valley ecosystems on the local Environmental Commission and the Climate Task Force. Jen's commitment to quality of life for families and small business has driven her to fight for property tax relief and strategic revitalization of our small and rural towns.
The one thing that stands out most when I think of Senator Metzger is her accessibility. She is everywhere in the small towns where her constituents live, work, and play - listening and striving to bring our concerns back to Albany. Jen represents us all.

Susanrachel B. Condon
New Paltz

Jen is worth keeping!

To the editor:
N.Y.S. Senator Jen Metzger works for us every day and she works well with others. All twenty-two of her bills that were signed into law had bipartisan support.
She takes no money from lobbyists and she stays in touch with us. Her office handled over 2,500 constituent cases. She leads on issues of climate change.
Let's keep her!

Irwin Rosenthal

Hello, I'm Barbara Kidney, AD 101 Candidate

To the editor:
I'd like to introduce myself as a candidate for Assembly District 101. Neversink is part of this district, as are Wawarsing, Shawangunk, and many other towns, north to Little Falls and New Hartford. I am our only local candidate in this race, and I'd like to tell you about my campaign for a better state.
My platform includes tax reforms such as eliminating property taxes on primary non-luxury residences, raising the standard deduction for state income tax to reflect the actual cost of living in one's area, and incrementally increasing taxes on surplus wealth, to increase economic well-being for everyone.
I also support giving tax subsidies, where needed, to local farms and businesses that enhance our communities, rather than to profit-motivated out-of-state corporations whose giant projects in our rural areas devastate our communities, agricultural land, and forests, resulting in pollution, decreased property values, poor-paying, low-level jobs, and more citizens on disability due to poor working conditions and increased pollution. We all lose when that happens.
My platform also includes protecting public health by promoting environmental health, and transitioning from obsolete toxic fuels to renewable, community-controlled energy asap.
I support eliminating the so-called spoiler effect in elections by instituting ranked choice voting in all NYS elections, as Maine now does. With RCV, whenever 3 or more candidates are running for the same position, voters can choose to rank the candidates in their order of preference. If your top choice doesn't get the most votes, your vote would go to your second choice.
My candidacy is endorsed by Voters for Animal Rights and the Green Party of NYS. If you like these ideas for a better state, then please vote for me for State Assembly. More information can be found at

Barbara Kidney
Walker Valley

Meagan Galligan for DA

To the editor:
I am writing to proudly support Meagan Galligan for District Attorney. Very rarely do all major political parties, their leaders and committee members agree and support one candidate for an elected position.
The DA position should not be political and in this election year only one candidate for DA got the support of the Conservative Party, Independence Party, the Republican Committee and the Democratic Party and that's Acting DA Meagan Galligan.
Meagan's endorsement by all of the leaders of the political parties and their committees and our local law enforcement goes beyond politics. The DA's office should not be about politics and should just be about justice!
Meagan received all of this support for only one reason - she is the best qualified person for the job. Meagan Galligan is already a leader in Sullivan County, leading the DA's Office and president of the Sullivan County Bar Association.
Meagan chose to raise her son where she was raised, in Sullivan County, and to dedicate herself to public safety. That's why law enforcement has overwhelmingly chosen her as their candidate for DA. Vote to keep us safe.
Vote beyond politics. Vote Galligan for DA!

JP Graham

Senator Jen Metzger Fights Lyme Disease

To the editor:
Far too many residents of the Mid-Hudson have suffered from one of the great ironies of living here: as we enjoy the benefits of the beautiful outdoors, we circulate in the epicenter of Lyme disease.
In our own yards, our parks, our hiking trails, we must be vigilant about checking for ticks and getting treatment when we experience symptoms.
Those who have had tick-borne diseases know how hard it has been to get medical recognition of the problem and to gain public support for research and therapies.
We've been fortunate, then, to have State Senator Jen Metzger (D-Rosendale) fighting for our health. In her position as chair of the Senate Agriculture Committee she has sponsored legislation that directs the Commissioners of Agriculture and Health to manage a public education campaign focused on the risks to farm workers and animals of Lyme and other tick-borne diseases, in addition to prevention methods and treatments.
Also, Senator Metzger—herself diagnosed with Lyme five times—successfully fought in 2019 and 2020 to restore $250,000 in funding for public education, prevention, and treatments.
Premier New York research institutions such as the Cary Institute, Cornell Cooperative Extension, SUNY Stonybrook, and the Columbia Medical Center's Lyme and Tick-Borne Disease Research Center no doubt recognize Metzger as a champion of their efforts.
Throughout her career in local and state politics, Jen Metzger has made protecting the environment one of her highest goals. In her fight against Lyme disease, she has brought together two vital quality-of-life concerns: our natural resources and our health.

Tom Denton

Jen is exactly what the Hudson Valley needs

To the editor:
I first met Jen Metzger when her 3 boys enrolled in the gymnastics gym I ran. In person she is warm and easygoing; at the time I was unaware of the warrior side of her nature, nor her long and inspiring resume of political service.
Jen accomplished an impressive amount during her first term in our State Senate—including (but certainly not limited to) sponsoring 21 bipartisan bills that were signed into law.
With the momentum of her first term at her back, it only stands to reason that her second term will see a further uptick of concrete steps to protect small business, (especially local farms), ease property taxes, and promote excellence in our public school systems.
Jen's history in town politics continues to inform her decisions going forward at the State level. She is exactly the advocate we, the residents of the Hudson Valley, need.

Richard Condon

It starts in small towns

To the editor:
I have full respect for the majority of police officers who do not treat a person differently solely because of the color of their skin.
Too many times a black person has been treated differently because their skin is not white… and sometimes a black person has been wrongly murdered by a police officer.
There is systematic racism in 2020 and that needs to change. It wasn't created in 2020 or in recent years, but it has been carried down for over a hundred years and has intensified in the last few years.
It is now the responsibility of all of us to make a change. Yes, all lives do matter, but right now, we have to talk about black lives. And the President of the United States should not be condoning and encouraging such hatred.
I am only one person, but there are many one persons in this country. And maybe someday, together, we can make a difference. And maybe it starts in the small towns.
And that is why I put a Biden/Harris sign and a Black Lives Matter sign on land that I own in White Sulphur Springs, the town where I grew up - which may be only the second set of these signs in the town.

Teri Beimler

Obnoxious behavior

To the editor:
The obnoxious behavior of our unpopular president seems to have infected some of our neighbors. On both sides of the river Biden for President signs have been stolen from in front of homes at an alarming rate.

Bruce Ferguson
Callicoon Center

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