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Saturday, August 15, 2020



ADA Turns 30

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Signed into law by President George H.W. Bush in 1990, the ADA prohibits the discrimination of people with disabilities at their job, in schools, in transportation and in all public and private spaces that are open more


Care about the lone sheep too

To the editor:
Having been raised a Christian, I was dismayed by Ed Townsend's piece on Giants pitcher Sam Coonrod's decision to not participate in his team's protest against racism. Coonrod and Townsend are free to stand or kneel as they see fit, in respect to America and to God.
But they more

Inside Out

One lane road rules even a toddler can understand

I remember learning the etiquette of driving on a one lane road when my feet still dangled high above the floorboard pedals.
The rules were so simple a toddler could understand them, and as a toddler growing up on a road so rural it both dead ended and could handle just one car at any one point more


The fine art of garbage pick-up

During the pandemic, I have been training for a new job. Exciting, I know. Well, let me tell you how I am honing my skills. Or maybe I should tell you who I'm hoping to work for (fingers crossed!).
I am hoping to get a job as a stringer for the National Enquirer. A stringer is someone not on more

Long Ago

Now that's a Corn Festival

When I lived in Florida a huge moneymaker for Faith United Methodist Church on Route 52 was our annual Corn Festival.
In Florida corn ripens late in May or early June. Various organizations gear up for fundraisers and are always successful.
At Faith the menu was potato salad, cole slaw, baked more

Sense of Direction

A sweet tooth route

My neighbor in Callicoon Center does a lot of favors for me so I decided to send her a box of chocolates.
I had my son, Michael, mail it for me since he has insulated wrap at his office in Nyack. That way the chocolates would arrive in tip top shape.
Unfortunately Mike was one digit off more

Here & There

Only kneel's before God

San Francisco Giants pitcher Sam Coonrod defied the radical left by refusing to take a knee during the national anthem before his team's first game of the season July 23, citing his strong Christian faith as the reason.
What is the game of baseball becoming when the entire Giant's team more

Guest Editorial

I know how painful racism is. But we can't give up on voting

I've cried many a tear as a black man in America. Sometimes, it is the only way to process the fact that, in the eyes of so many, I'm a walking threat for no reason other than the blackness of my skin. And it's been this way for as long as I can remember. I'll never forget my mother telling me when more

Cooking in the Country

Great pickle recipe

I have spoken about it many times, I am a pickle fiend. Anything with vinegar in it, my mouth starts to water... I am like a rabid dog when it comes to anything pickled. If you can find baby kirby's - BUY THEM! I can't seem to find them anywhere, and when I go to pick my own, typically it's frowned more

My Turn

Time to say goodbye

I loved writing ‘My Turn'. Having a platform to express my opinions was a gift not many get the chance to experience. Lately it has been challenging to come up with interesting and new issues to write about. The well is going dry so to speak.
Probably more of a factor though is that as a more

The Way I See It

B.A.T.S. In Liberty

There has been a lot of news on the creation of a Veteran's home located at 15 Dixon Street Liberty, New York. This home was donated to the New Beginnings Community Worship Center of Liberty. The Congregation thought of what would be the best possible use for this generous donation made by the more


As I see it …

For the last several weeks, I have been writing articles primarily against Mr. Trump. It has gotten to a point that I will simply be saying the same thing again. It is interesting to note that the folks who write in do not respond to the fundamental questions that I have raised in regard to the more

Random Thoughts

One Mississippi

Like many of you, at least once a day I ask somebody “what day is it today?” It is a shame that they still do not make underwear imprinted with the days of the week. Every day seems to blend into the next as we do the same routines to keep busy. I open my eyes every morning feeling a little like more

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