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Tuesday, April 13, 2021



Celebrating opening day

Spring in the Catskills brings a day that many look forward to all year. Opening day is a chance to get outside, enjoy the warmer weather and unwind after a long winter. Despite the fact that the governor announced large outdoor stadiums can reopen at 20 percent capacity, we're not talking about more


NY budget is reckless

To the editor:
The legislators in Albany have passed a new budget of approximately $212 billion. That number should shock the citizenry, but, as usual, the budgetary wheels will be put in motion, days will pass and the people the legislators serve will simply be left to kvetch about the price more

Inside Out

Peep this

I once tried to explain the nightly concert that hearkens spring in the northeast to someone who had never lived in our part of the world.
It didn't quite have the effect I intended.
They deemed the idea of sitting outside on a spring evening doing nothing but listening to frogs call out more


Till We Meet Again

Several months ago, I wrote about the long journey taken by a printing project I had ordered. It spent a month in the nonspeedy hands of the USPS.
The project was called “The Olden Girls”, a book of photos and accompanying verse about the reunion of my high school friends. I had gone to all the more

Long Ago

A Thing of Value

Our children all did well. Elaine and Tim graduated from college. Anne Marie used her early experience at Villa Roma to develop skills at running a restaurant. David worked at landscaping and ran a crew for years. He is now employed at a large machinery store.
For all of you who share your more

Sense of Direction

Past Easters

One of my earliest memories of Easter with my family in Callicoon Center was when I was about seven or eight. Some older kids came by to visit me shortly before Easter and I was busy coloring eggs at a little table in the kitchen.
I told my friends that I was helping the Easter Bunny. My friends more

Here & There

Baseball is Baseball...Not Politics

OK sports fans…is baseball sports or is baseball now all about politics.
As it is now appearing Major League Baseball's decision to pull the All-Star game out of Georgia in protest of the state's new voter law has completely turned the sport of baseball into a political arena.
That we're more

Guest Editorial

I know how painful racism is. But we can't give up on voting

I've cried many a tear as a black man in America. Sometimes, it is the only way to process the fact that, in the eyes of so many, I'm a walking threat for no reason other than the blackness of my skin. And it's been this way for as long as I can remember. I'll never forget my mother telling me when more

Cooking in the Country

Marinara Sauce

I have a bold statement to make: I have never purchased pre-made marinara sauce. And with a healthy dose of Italian heritage on my mother's side, I never had to. I grew up watching my grandmother, mother, and aunt make it all the time.
Although it may seem like a difficult task, marinara sauce more

My Turn

Time to say goodbye

I loved writing ‘My Turn'. Having a platform to express my opinions was a gift not many get the chance to experience. Lately it has been challenging to come up with interesting and new issues to write about. The well is going dry so to speak.
Probably more of a factor though is that as a more

The Way I See It

B.A.T.S. In Liberty

There has been a lot of news on the creation of a Veteran's home located at 15 Dixon Street Liberty, New York. This home was donated to the New Beginnings Community Worship Center of Liberty. The Congregation thought of what would be the best possible use for this generous donation made by the more


As I see it …

For the last several weeks, I have been writing articles primarily against Mr. Trump. It has gotten to a point that I will simply be saying the same thing again. It is interesting to note that the folks who write in do not respond to the fundamental questions that I have raised in regard to the more

Random Thoughts

Dialing it up

The telephone has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Growing up we had one telephone in the house. It hung on the wall in the kitchen, so it was easily accessible. Years later a second phone was added in my parent's bedroom. Both were rotary models.
I had my first rudimentary more

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