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Friday, September 25, 2020

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Feb 12, 2020

By Steve White - columnist

Do they teach Darwin's theory anymore or have the fundamentalists won out? This article has zero to do with that but is all about an event that has become part of the fabric of our society and judging by its popularity seems more important than any science subject will ever be; the evolution of the Super Bowl.
I wanted to wait a few weeks after the game before weighing in. I listened to all the chatter that immediately followed, in particular about the half time show, but I thought I would let the dust settle to see if my initial reactions were true ones. What follows is a not so serious take on what I'll call ‘The Super Bowl and Me'.
In the beginning there was Vince Lombardi and the Green Bay Packers (1967). This legendary coach and team dominated Super Bowls 1 & 2 but the idea of having the winners of the NFL and its rival league the AFL play each other was ingenious.
As a fanatical fan of football this was heaven. Super Bowl Sunday was akin to “The Day the Earth Stood Still”. Nothing else mattered. And then came Joe Namath and the New York Jets in the most important sporting contest ever played. The win by the Jets literally changed the course of the NFL. I was a Giant/Jet fan back in those days and it didn't and couldn't get better than that. I watched those games with buddies of mine. It wasn't like we excluded women but they had little interest. It was a guy thing.
Since the Jets historical win, the importance of the Super Bowl has slowly diminished for me, though I perked up some for both Giants wins. Fast forward to about 10 years ago and the whole complexion of Super Sunday has changed. The game has become a great excuse for a party. Food wise the ones I've been invited to are like a wedding or Bar Mitzvah reception. I'm not complaining. The men would gather around the TV and the wives would be chatting close by. When a commercial appeared some women would cross the border line. The men would do so to get more food. The half time show brought unity as almost everyone gravitated to the TV.
Amazingly, I've only watched the highlights of the last few Super Bowls. It was so ingrained in me to reserve this day it was actually refreshing to be doing something else. This year, since my wife and I are both taken by the play of Pat Mahomes, we wanted to watch.
We were out of town and as luck would have it, the house we rented only had internet TV with no apps that would allow us to watch the game ‘live'. So we decided to go to a sports bar. A unique experience!!
This place had 70, yes 70, large screen televisions with an upstairs and downstairs that had to take up most of the block. My wife managed to find two seats for us and though the kitchen was having trouble keeping up the bar wasn't. Being surrounded by a mixed group in terms of age and gender it was great fun, even for someone like me who shies away from crowds.
We watched the first half and then Shakira and Jay-Lo before calling it a night. The game was competitive but kind of boring. I didn't find out the final score until 3 in the morning on You Tube. The half time show was spectacular. The NFL, as reactive an organization as there is, was spot on this time. Celebrating two women of Hispanic descent who were both incredibly sexy and explosively talented (not that there is anything wrong with that) was a great move.
It is hard to fathom how times have changed for me. Where it used to be all about the game has been replaced by the host's menu and who is scheduled to perform. Not caring about the result tells you all you need to know.
As for those who thought J-Lo and Shakira were too provocative, offended peoples puritanical sensibilities, and was not appropriate for family consumption consider this. My family, two boys ages 36 and 30, couldn't get enough and were willing to watch it again and again. On internet TV of course.
There is a sure fire way to avoid having to subject you and your family to this kind of indecency. CHANGE THE CHANNEL!

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