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Sunday, May 9, 2021

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As I see it …

Apr 15, 2016

By Gary Greenwald, Esq. - columnist

For the last several weeks, I have been writing articles primarily against Mr. Trump. It has gotten to a point that I will simply be saying the same thing again. It is interesting to note that the folks who write in do not respond to the fundamental questions that I have raised in regard to the statements and positions that Mr. Trump has taken. They have come out in favor of Mr.
Trump because of issues such as abortion, standing up to Washington, etc. However, when asked to deal with the specific issues that he has spoken about, and whether the individual agrees or disagrees with him, they essentially take a ball four. Hence, it comes to the rational conclusion that the people, to a large extent, who are supporting Mr. Trump ignore the record and have this reaction of protest against what has occurred in Washington and, therefore, support him.
It is very similar to arguing religion. If you have blind faith for one reason or the other, there is nothing anyone can do to win an argument. Hence, to those people who want to support Mr. Trump, feel free to do that. It is the American way. I cannot argue with blind faith.
What is ironic is that the true conservative of the three people presently running is Mr. Cruz. He is much worse as a candidate than Mr. Trump is, even though people are running to Mr. Cruz to stop Mr. Trump. To call his leader, Mr. McConnell, a liar is beyond a breach of the ethics within the United States Senate. The fact that almost no Senators support him or like him in the Senate speaks volumes. People in the Senate are only supporting him because they do not like Mr. Trump and what is expected to occur if he is nominated. Mr. Cruz is way, way to the right and is much more conservative than Mr. Trump ever was.
In regard to Mr. Kasich, he is a gentleman that I do like who is a true conservative. His background, when he was the Budget Chairman when he was a Congressman, is well respected and it also was well known that he worked across the aisle with President Clinton to put together balanced budgets. Obviously, there are issues that I disagree with, but he is civil, professional and true to his philosophy. If I was voting in the primary, he would be the one I would be voting for. In reality, and this is the insanity of these conversations, is that Mr. Trump's background, until he ran for President, was one of being a moderate liberal. In the past, he was in favor of abortion, he favored diversity and certain immigration reform, and on a multitude of issues one would say he was a liberal, especially since he was coming from New York City. Once he got the bug to possibly be a candidate, his position started changing. The primary reason why the Republican establishment does not like him is that they believe he is a closet liberal and is not, in any fashion, the true conservative that people want. I do think that the Republican insiders do share the view that, of the three candidates, potentially Mr. Trump is the most liberal. Shocking, isn't that?
The primary will take place this coming Tuesday. It is expected that Trump and Hillary Clinton will win. With Clinton's win, it essentially closes the door for all purposes on Mr. Sanders getting the nomination. I believe he will continue until he is mathematically eliminated. Mr. Sanders' strength is primarily with the young people and the most liberal.
In regard to the Republican primary, the likelihood is that Mr. Trump will win; however, others will get some delegates as well. It is becoming more and more apparent that Mr. Trump will not get sufficient votes prior to going to Cleveland for the convention. If this takes place, one would have to turn back to 1912 when Teddy Roosevelt sought to become President again and he was denied, and he exited the convention and created the Bull Moose Party. He ran as an independent, finishing second with the incumbent President Taft finishing third. I would think that there is an excellent possibility that, in the event Trump is denied the nomination, he might run as a third party. If this was to occur, it would guarantee the Democrat a victory and, secondly, beyond winning the Senate, there is even the possibility that the Democrats could make a run at the House.
In regard to politics on a local level, County Judge LaBuda announced his request to be re-elected as the County Court Judge. There does not appear to be any opposition to him, and it is reasonably expected that he will get the conservative and, very likely, the independent endorsements as well. A year from now, Sheriff Mike Schiff will be running. It is very likely that the Democrats will be hard pressed to find an opposition for him as well. Rather than people waste money and time, it might very well make sense for Judge LaBuda to be cross-endorsed in the same fashion that Sheriff Schiff will be.
Sometimes it is good for government that, when you have quality people in positions, the political parties reward them by endorsing them. Under the given circumstances that exist, I think both Judge LaBuda and Sheriff Schiff deserve the cross-endorsements. Whether the political parties have the sense to do that is going to be another question.
So my friends who like Trump - knock yourselves out. Vote for him even though you do not consider his record. To the Democrats, pick who you think is the best, but there has now become an inevitability that Ms. Clinton is going to be the Presidential nominee.
Isn't politics great?

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