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Friday, February 26, 2021

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We miss you!

Feb 19, 2021

Maybe it's the time of year… or maybe it's the year of time we have spent captured in our offices, our homes and all alone, trying to get through this crazy, dangerous pandemic.
However you add it up, we miss doing the everyday things and talking to the everyday people that used to bring us so much happiness into our lives.
Whether it was seeing Fremont curmudgeon Walt Sipple sitting in a booth at the Callicoon Caffe or listening to omniprescent MC Greg Goldstein entertaining a crowd of hundreds at a fundraising dinner with his wit and wisdom, the simple things in life seem so far away.
And how about getting out to our local high school, to watch a Saturday afternoon football game, listen to our talented and aspiring musicians play their hearts out at a Holiday Concert or watching the entertaining cast of a High School Drama Club producing “The Wizard of Oz?”
We can honestly say we enjoyed all of these events as we are sure many of our readers have and look forward to the day when we can revisit them and enjoy our young kids company again.
And let's not forget attending a concert at Bethel Woods, having a hamburger at a local pub, enjoying a ‘nearly-Broadway' production at The Forestburgh Playhouse or even a night out at the movies at The Callicoon Theater.
Well, ever so slowly, it seems, vaccines are coming to the masses and for that we are grateful.
We are grateful so many people have already signed up to receive them and that more doses are being shipped every day.
Many signs look positive in Sullivan County - and across the nation - that we are beginning to get a handle on COVID-19 and turn the corner on getting our society back open.
We are sort of worn out from reporting on it, reading about it and listening to our radio and tv broadcasters tell us about it.
We know how tough it must be on our school-age children and young adults, who are social beings waiting to get back to a life that once was.
And to tell you the truth, we miss all of our family members we have not been able to see, in person, for the past year. Zoom is fun but it cannot replace the real-life get togethers we used to enjoy so much to share a laugh and good times.
Yes, there is a reason we have traditions - like celebrating Easter, Memorial Day, Fourth of July and the births and deaths that come to every family.
It's because traditions bring meaning to our celebrations and help us bond to those we love. They lend support when we need it, help us pass down wisdom, nurtures family connections and gives us a sense of belonging to a community.
We can't wait until we can see Walt and Greg again.

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