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Wednesday, December 2, 2020

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A world of change

Aug 17, 2020

By Anne Foland - columnist

The Wallkill Quilting Bee will never meet again in the same circumstances as before. The loss of the fellowship that was part and parcel of our Monday meetings is a terrible loss for our members.
The group, which has been active since 1907 was an offspring of the quilting classes I taught as a volunteer in the Encore program at OCCC.
Originally the group consisted only of quilters. But soon other crafters asked to join the group, and we became a larger, multi-talented group.
For many of the members Monday was a day to meet friends, enjoy lunch together and complete beautiful craft items.

Our group was able to make a quilt, sell $8,000 worth of raffle tickets and provide the funds for a special computer for a paralyzed girl in our neighborhood.
Over the years we have enjoyed Thanksgiving feasts with assistance of one member's family and food donations from every member.
But along came the coronavirus and caused problems for all the groups who have met in the community center for years. The Town Board, who had graciously allowed the use of the center for several groups, is now forced to follow the rules associated with safety in dangerous times.
A small group of our members have been meeting on Mondays in local parks. They share lunchtimes and show and tell of items they have completed. On Mondays I miss all those smiling, happy faces.
Just this week I was informed of the rules that will govern future use of the community center. We would have to wear masks at all times, maintain a distance of six feet from one another and we could not bring any food into the building. Under those rules other senior groups have decided not to meet at the present time.
Because our members were so upset with the situation I decided to call churches and other organizations who might have room for us. But no matter where we go the rules will still be the rules.
I dealt with the virus myself by housecleaning. It kept me busy and I was able to recycle lots of extra items. Now that my closets are clean I am turning back to my old love of quilting.
I know there will be no craft fairs this year but someone, sometime may enjoy the items I am sewing.
Just as the flu of 1918-19, flu has remained a threat so will the coronavirus.
We are all having trouble living in a new dimension. It is a hard place to be but eventually we may be able to ask Scotty to beam us up.
In the meantime stay strong, keep busy and keep smiling.

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