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Sunday, January 17, 2021

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The love of friends

Jan 13, 2020

By Anne Foland - columnist

Some of the greatest gifts I have ever received are the friendships I share with family and friends. I have always tried to practice the motto “To have a friend, be a friend.”
It isn't difficult when you meet someone for the first time, to offer a smile and a firm handshake. And those simple gestures often pay off in the warmth, concern and caring you receive from your new friend.
Friendship is composed of love, concern, action and the freedom to be accepted as you are.
In a crisis friendship is as necessary as breathing.
I can testify to that. After my health crisis a few years ago one friend called daily and often made a home visit.
Each time as she left she took my dirty laundry with her. She didn't just ask how I was feeling. She saw a need and filled it. That's the kind of friend I hope I am.
Friendship within a club or an organization can yield wonderful results. Working together in harmony can result in productive gains. Each person's contribution is valued, be it large or small.
Each person values what others have contributed. This is true friendship on steroids. Our group, the Wallkill Quilting Bee, is a prime example.
Sometimes a simple gesture of friendship doesn't always fix someone's problem. Suggest other means to handle the case.
And always be prepared for a refusal of your friendship. Step back, knowing you have done your best.
I dedicate this article to my many family members and friends who have enriched my life with their presence, caring and love.
Wishing you all a golden day with your friends.

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