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Friday, April 16, 2021

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‘This is not a person that we could ever support'

Mar 18, 2016

By Gary Greenwald - columnist/esq.

It is somewhat sad to see Marco Rubio leaving the contest to become the Republican candidate for President. I truly got to like him very much and I think he made an enormous mistake, being in his forties, running for President. He gave up a Senate seat which, very likely, he could have kept, and now it is very likely to become Democratic. I believe that the greater likelihood that is going to take place is that, within two years, he will be running for Governor of Florida, since the present Governor is term limited.
My good friend John Lacey, who is one of the nicest people I have ever met in my life who, when I lived in Wurtsboro, was Mr. Little League and did everything possible for children, wrote a wonderful letter to The Democrat the other day.
I truly respect what he wrote. He is a very active veteran and many people do not realize all the good work he does.
With that being said, I disagree with my friend, as he disagrees with me, in regard to Mr. Trump. It is beyond tragic how he acts. I have no problems with any of the other Republican candidates. It reminds me, to some extent, in the 1960s when George Wallace was running in various Democratic primaries. Obviously, I had a significant problem with him. I am not suggesting that Mr. Wallace and Mr. Trump are similar. However, in light of how Mr. Trump acts and what he says, it is so beyond the pale that I think it requires good Republicans to stand up. My friend, Mr. Lacey, wants the process to go forward without really any statements made by any of the leading Republicans. The reality is many leading Republicans such as Senator Dole, Governor Romney, and others have stood up and have strongly indicated their opposition to him.
The major thing that I do not understand is how many of the Republicans, after hearing what Mr. Trump has said about others as well as themselves, could ever support him as an individual. If I was running for office and my opponent called me a liar, said other vile things about me including some aspect of dishonesty, insulted other people with bigoted comments, there is no way that I would ever support him and I would have said that, except none of the Republicans had the courage to stand up on principles. They all caved and then said, of course we would support Mr. Trump. If Hillary Clinton was running and she did the things that Mr. Trump has done, I could have absolutely no problem voting for John Kasich. Allegiance to a party should never be greater than allegiance to principle.
Where are the major Republicans in Sullivan County who should take a stand not only for themselves but for other Republicans and, most importantly, for children? Young people have to be advised that the behavior of Mr. Trump is not acceptable. Assume for a moment you go to watch your son debate about running for Councilman and he advised all the listeners that his opponent was a liar, that he was dishonest, and many other vile things. Is that something you would be proud of? And if he did do it and he said, “Well Mr. Trump did it, why can't I?”, what would be your answer then?
The type of campaign that Mr. Trump has run is so violative of the principles and norms of both the Republican and Democratic parties. I cannot think of someone who has run in American politics in the last 30 or 40 years who ever spoke in that way. It is interesting that all the candidates invoke President Ronald Reagan, who was probably one of the greatest communicators as a President that we have ever had. Does anybody ever remember Ronald Reagan talking anything like this? Does anybody believe, if Ronald Reagan was alive today, what he would say about what Donald Trump was doing? President Reagan had class and nobility. He would never ever be in agreement with what Mr. Trump did.
With that in mind, I again call for the major Republicans in Sullivan County to stand up and state their position in regard to Trump. I would hope that these good Republicans, whom I respect so much, will stand up and say, “This is not a person that we could ever support.”

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