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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

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Celebrate Life: Endicott runners finish first in half-marathon

Mar 15, 2021

By Joseph Abraham - co-editor

Caleb Mallery holds off Vishal Yalamanchili to win the half marathon. Both runners are from Endicott. Mallery now runs for Hartwick College, while Yalamanchili is in his senior year at Union-Endicott High School.
ROCK HILL -- Approximately 650 runners and walkers gave it their all on a windy winter Sunday morning at the Celebrate Life Half Marathon and Lucia Rein Two People Relay (CLHM) in Rock Hill.
Each year, CLHM honors, remembers and celebrates those who have fought against cancer. The race raises funds to assist cancer patients in their financial needs, donating 100 percent of the proceeds to patients in treatment. To learn more about the event, visit
The popular race looked a little different this year, putting social distancing measures in place to keep participants safe.

Race Director Myriam Loor joked that between the sunny skies and brief snow squalls, they got three seasons in one morning.
"It was amazing," she said of the race. "To see it all together when I was flying blind [first in-person race in the area post COVID-19 pandemic], I was so pleased to see how compliant all the runners were. Everyone had a a mask on and had no issues with it [the social distancing protocols]."
As for the competition, two young men from Endicott held bragging rights after being the first ones to cross the finish line.
Caleb Mallery was the winner. The Union-Endicott High School graduate now runs for Hartwick College.
“It was really fun,” he said. “I'm really grateful that we had a race. It's my first time racing in awhile, and it's crazy how many people are actually out here doing it.”
Right behind him in second place was Union-Endicott High School senior Vishal Yalamanchili.
Both runners noted that they've been running a lot during the pandemic, and Yalamanchili had high praise for the way CLHM was organized.
“It was really well run with the spacing of the start and everything,” said Yalamanchili. “I think that this is about as safe as you can get and I think if more races can emulate this, then we can keep having good races like this.”
Results are as follows …

Top 25
1. Caleb Mallery 1:21:56
2. Vishal Yalamanchili 1:21:57
3. John Pozo 1:24:39
4. Christopher Irwin 1:25:05
5. Bobby Asher 1:25:18
6. Kevin Hickman 1:26:40
7. Tom Hanselman 1:27:03
8. Jared Johnson 1:27:17
9. James Gann 1:27:48
10. Dave Pond 1:27:51
11. Leslie Lam 1:27:54
12. Tom Yunus 1:28:10
13. Joseph Maranzani 1:28:12
14. David Wong 1:28:17
15. Luis Okumura 1:29:03
16. Simon Yuan 1:30:15
17. Donald Thurston 1:30:43
18. Alan Baisch 1:32:10
19. Tara McWilliams 1:32:12
20. Jennifer Schramm 1:32:32
21. John Sellstrom 1:33:00
22. Jennifer Nolan 1:33:38
23. Christopher Ruckdeschel 1:33:55
24. Sydney Johnson 1:35:16
25. Camryn Johnson 1:35:16

1. Giacomo & Benedict Ruckdeschel 1:33:51
2. Patrick Gardiner & Conrad Wendall 1:37:44
3. Julie & Adam Furman 1:39:40
4. Jennifer Stella & Christine Mentone 1:41:41
5. Logan Levan & John Frunzi 1:42:26
6. Brianna & Rick Sternkopf 1:42:31
7. Laurie Studley & Shannon Jenkins 1:45:35
8. Star Walters & Kristen Doyle 1:47:30
9. Lauren Friedman & Marybeth Tyrrell 1:50:13
10. Kristy Sigelakis & Melissa Kubenik 1:52:38

1. Barry Lewis 2:50:00
2. Grace Gargiulo 2:54:46
3. Kevin Pasterchik 3:04:17
4. Chris Costello 3:06:23
5. Jane Hughes 3:07:43
6. Constantina Memos 3:11:15
7. Michelle Costello 3:11:41
8. Dina Cooper 3:11:46
9. Elizabeth Thompson 3:12:07
10. Erinn Morse 3:12:09

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