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Friday, April 16, 2021

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Downhill debuts (at last!)

Races at Holiday Mt. usher in winter sports

Feb 8, 2021

By Richard Ross - reporter/photographer

Monticello's Jack Rein was the top finisher in the first boys race on February 4 at Holiday Mountain.
BRIDGEVILLE -- Skiing has finally arrived and the hope is that basketball won't be far behind to grace the remaining weeks of winter with some sports activity, since high school athletics has been MIA (missing in action) since last March.
While in “normal” years the only thing that could delay the start of an alpine ski season would be a paucity of snow, in the age of Covid-19 the wiles and ways of nature no longer take center stage when it comes to ski races in Section 9. No, rather than worrying about whether there is enough snow (since we're knee deep in the white stuff), the biggest bugaboo delaying the ski season has been the fitful starts, stops, pauses and delays wrought by the powers that be about whether it would be safe to let the season proceed.
Even though skiing was not categorized as a high-risk sport, it has suffered from its own share of delays while things were worked out and altered to suit the concerns surrounding the virus.
But at last on February 4-5, the skiers got to finally don their gear and glide down the Giant Slalom course at Holiday Mountain much to the great delight of Ski Chairperson Janet Carey. “We have skiing,” she said fervidly and it's a lovely day.

And so it was on February 4 for the boys races featuring skiers from Monticello, Tri-Valley/Fallsburg, Sullivan West and Liberty.
The weather wasn't quite so appealing the next day but the girls from the same four schools made the best of it anyway. Following a new format wherein the skiers from the same school raced before those from the other schools followed suit, the days were filled with the color and grace associated with the one sport everyone thought would be most exempt from the Covid-19 restrictions.
Clearly that was not the case as here it is close to the time when Ski Sectionals normally would be held and the ski runs are just getting underway. Each day featured two races wherein the order of the schools was shuffled.
Teamwise Monticello came out on top of all four races (two boys and two girls). Tri-Valley took second in all of the races as well.
Spectators were restricted from being on the snow and had to observe from the deck of the lodge behind a barrier in keeping with the safety protocols outlined by NYSPHSAA and Section 9. Numbers were down from prior years as there were 17 boys and ten girls competing.

Team results
1. Monticello (M), 2. Tri-Valley/Fallsburg (FTV), 3.Sullivan West (SW), 4. Liberty (L)

Boys race 1
1. Jack Rein (M) 29.87; 2. Austin Hartman (FTV) 30.37; 3. Ryan Weiner (M) 30.69; 4. Zach Stevenson (SW) 32.53; 5. Colin Pavese (FTV) 32.58; 6. Connor Foss (M) 33.00; 7. Logan Danzilo 33.22; 8. Diego Ferrer (M) 33.38; 9. Parker Tyler (SW) 33.97; 10. Brandon Schultz (FTV) 34.56; 11. Andrew Weiner (M) 34.96; 12. Adam Guziczek (SW) 34.97; 13. Carsen Terwilliger (FTV) 36.56; 14. Ian Elanbossi (L) 37.34; 15. Armaan Butler (FTV) 42.36; 16. Collin Mentnech (FTV) 47.66; 17. Matt Gattus (SW) 48.90.

Boys race 2
1. Hartman (FTV) 29.72; 2. Rein (M) 29.84; 3. Ryan Weiner (M) 31.15; 4. Danzilo (L) 32.64; 5. Stevenson (SW) 32.66; 6. Tyler (SW) 33.01; 7. Pavese (FTV) 33.04; 8. Foss (M) 33.34; 9. Schultz (FTV) 33.89; 10. Guziczek (SW) 34.21; 11. Ferrer (M) 34.66; 12. Andrew Weiner (M) 36.43; 13. Elanbossi (L) 36.50; 14. Terwilliger (FTV) 36.53; 15. Butler (FTV) 40.10; 16. Mentnech (FTV) 46.48; 17. Gattus (SW) 52.69.

Girls race 1
1. Alexis Heins (M) 30.91; 2. Harly Taylor (M) 32.01; 3. Emily Schmidt (FTV) 33.36; 4. Lucia Kennedy (SW) 33.54; 5. Kaitlyn Miller (M) 33.91; 6. Brooke Nichols (L) 35.12; 7. Allison Weinstein (M) 36.89; 8. Marley Wells (M) 37.69; 9. Grace Gozza (FTV) 38.57; 10. Taylor Tyler (SW) 40.14.

Girls race 2
1. Heins (M) 30.89; 2. Taylor (M) 32.57; 3. Schmidt (FTV) 33.50; 4. Miller (M) 33.75; 5. Kennedy (SW) 33.84; 6. Nichols (L) 35.36; 7. Weinstein (M) 37.12; 8. Gozza (FTV) 39.05; 9. Tyler (SW) 39.47; 10. Wells (M) 39.57.

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