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Saturday, March 6, 2021

Local Sports

Fall II season hinges on winter's abeyance: Weather and field conditions pose challenges and uncertainty

SULLIVAN COUNTY -- Welcome to the new world order of seasons wherein fall follows winter as opposed to the customary order of things. It's not Mother Nature's idea for this unusual switcheroo as one look outside will clearly attest to. Rather we are ... read more

Top Stories

Underway in Village of Jeffersonville: A real race for mayor

By Kathy Daley - reporter/photographer

Longtime Jeffersonville resident Debra Thony, married to current mayor William Thony, is seeking the top spot in the March 16 mayoral election. As the village's 'First Lady,' she's volunteered with the local group JEMS in numerous activities along with the annual James Dworetsky Holiday Parade and other events and initiatives.
JEFFERSONVILLE — With a population that hovers around 400, it's no surprise that Jeffersonville's village election turnout tends to be small in number.
“We can have as few as seven voting,” said Village Clerk Colleen Freitas, “or as many as 34.”
This year, however, the numbers are likely to swell. Village elections take place on Tuesday, March 16 from noon until 9 p.m. at Village Hall, with the out-of-the-ordinary happening. Two well-known and respected individuals are vying for top spot as mayor.
There's candidate Debra Thony, age 65, and wife of the current mayor Bill Thony who is stepping down.
“I care deeply for this village,” said Debra Thony, “and after much thought, I decided to throw my hat into the ring for mayor to see if I could make a difference and continue to ...
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Three women accuse Gov. Cuomo of misconduct as calls for resignation mount

By Isabel Braverman - staff writer

NEW YORK - New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is facing three separate allegations from women who accuse him of inappropriate behavior.
Two of the women, Lindsey Boylan and Charlotte Bennett, were former aides in the Cuomo administration.
The ...
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Latest News

Callicoon Depot to be new visitors center

By Fred Stabbert III - publisher

Callicoon - One of Callicoon's most historic buildings, the Callicoon Railroad Depot, just got a new lease on life - literally - when the Callicoon Business Association (CBA) signed a long-term lease with the Central New York Railroad Corporation.
The agreement will pave the way for the ...
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Tech retreat being planned in Bethel

By Matt Shortall - co-editor

BETHEL — A new development project could soon attract tech industry workers to Sullivan County.
Jessica Rovello co-founded Arkadium with her husband Kenny Rosenblatt over 20 years ago. Since then, Arkadium has grown to become a major developer ...
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