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  Last Sunday I went blueberry picking first thing in the morning before the heat of the day set in. I have a row of blueberry bushes that my grandfather planted back in the nineteen seventies … more
My wife and I took a drive on Sunday around the county so that I could check out to see how the area apple trees looked. I have a few roadside trees that provide me with a bounty of fruit in the … more
Last week I mentioned cleaning up all the leaf litter left behind from the gypsy moth caterpillars. My woods was not only filled with this leaf litter, but also the leaves from years gone by. Whoever … more
Yard work, some people hate it, while others love it. I tend to be in the later camp, loving to putter around in my backyard when the weather will allow it. Now that the gypsy moth caterpillars have … more
Here come the Beatles, not those Beatles, Japanese Beetles, and they want to eat your roses, trees and perennials. Coming up to the Fourth of July weekend like clockwork the brown shiny shelled … more
Over the last few weekends, I have gone to quite a few farmer’s markets around Sullivan County, something that I can do now that I am retired. We have a good array of markets around the county … more
If you suffer from seasonal allergies like my wife, Vicki, does, then this year has been a doozie so far. To try to provide some natural relief, we went looking for some bee pollen this past weekend … more
Well, No Mow May paid dividends this year. Last week I caught a swarm of bees in the bee trap I had set up at the store. I’ve now moved them to my bee yard in my garden at home and hopefully … more
It’s time of year in nature when babies are born and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) wants you to learn, “If You Care, Leave It There”. The DEC … more
The burn ban is finally over and now I can start cleaning my yard so that I will be able to mow as we get toward the end of May. My lawn is about eight to ten inches high right now and of course I … more
What a difference a week makes, from cold wet weather a week and a half ago to the beautiful tropical conditions we had this week. Looking at the forecast through mid-May, the nighttime temperatures … more
With the nice weather this week, I heard and saw a lot of lawn mowers going. I cannot stress too much the importance of No Mow May to help pollinator populations. Even this week with the nice weather … more
So I got a call on Tuesday from one of my father’s past employees from way back in the 70’s, Chris (Crista) Ward. Back then the Liberty Agway store was more into selling power equipment, … more
Back in the beginning of March, I wrote about seed starting with your kids or grandkids, and I just wanted to show off two of my grandchildren as we planted marigold seeds last Sunday. I went with … more
  This is a follow-up to a column I wrote last month referring to Poppi Soda not containing corn syrup. Well I have had the chance to get some Poppi at Shoprite in Monticello. It wasn’t … more
Well, it has been quite the week since my last column. Over three inches of rain last Saturday night, snow Sunday night and then tropical storm force winds on Monday. Well, it was the wind that did … more
What a beautiful day last Sunday was with sunshine and temperatures near sixty degrees. Even with the rain this week the temperatures were warmer and we didn’t have to deal with ice and snow. … more
Well it is a sure sign that spring is right around the corner when my birds have come back. Last fall we had a flock of goldfinches with a pair of cardinals that would stop by every day through the … more
Even though the days are getting longer, it is still quite chilly out there and not time to rototill the garden yet. But hope springs eternal as we get closer to spring and warmer weather. … more
As we inch closer to spring, we are reminded that it is still only February. Punxsutawney Phil did his thing, the Daytona 500 is this Sunday and last Sunday was the Super Bowl.   It was one … more
So Punxsutawney Phil says we are going to have an early spring and they weather we have right now doesn’t feel like a typical February. I worry that if I start planning for an early spring … more
Well, how have you enjoyed the winter so far? There has been at least a little weather for everyone to hate. Not enough snow for snowmobiling, not enough ice for ice fishing and just enough slop to … more
The brutal cold from last week is gone and now back to some rain and a little ice. It’s still too early to start seeds indoors, but there are still plenty of topics to talk about. How about … more
Well those buds on my hydrangea I wrote about last week have thoroughly frozen off. Welcome to winter, it is as Cold as Ice out there. Watching the Weather Channel on Monday as they were reporting on … more
Well the crazy weather is at it again. Snow for a few days and then rain and flooding, besides being a pain in the neck for us, our plants are having a hard time coping as well. Last week just before … more
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