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Bowling Highlights

Baker Team Competition

Ed Townsend
Posted 4/29/22

The Baker Format, also known as the Bakers Formal or Baker System, is a method of scoring competition bowling which places emphasis on the team effort rather than the accomplishments of the …

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Bowling Highlights

Baker Team Competition


The Baker Format, also known as the Bakers Formal or Baker System, is a method of scoring competition bowling which places emphasis on the team effort rather than the accomplishments of the individual bowlers.

This relatively modern method is used in many levels of bowling competition, notably collegiate and high school bowling.

Some amateur leagues incorporate a Baker competition on occasion, some as often as weekly.

Beginning in 2009, the Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) Tour has used the Baker system in team competition like the PBA Doubles Championship.

In a typical league format doubles game, a two-member team of bowlers each bowls ten frames, and the score is the sum of each player’s ten frames in total. In a Baker Format game, each doubles team member bowls five frames, and the score is the total of the ten frames.

The Baker Format requires teams to rotate in players in order, and the doubles team simply alternates frames so the first bowler completes all odd-numbered ones. In a three-person team Baker format, the first bowler bowls frames 1,4,7 and 10 while team number 2 bowls 2,5,8 and team member three bowls 3,6,9.

With five-person teams, the first bowler bowls 1 and 6, the second bowler frames 2 and 7 and so forth, with the fifth bowler bowling 5 and 10.

While a Baker format is usually only used in teams with two or four bowlers, you could conceivably bowl a Baker game with any number of people up to 10, each bowler assigned to a single frame.

Many high school and collegiate bowlers don’t like this format because it leaves so little bowling time to each person, especially with larger teams.

However, other bowlers prefer the format because it forces everyone to focus on a single frame and come together as a team, which decreases internal competition, builds trust in one another, and leads to everyone becoming better bowlers.

Baker games have a qualitative difference from standard league competition that all bowlers should try at least once. There is definitely a different feel in a game when you and your teammates trust each other to do your best in each of your frames, and know that you contribute to the whole total.

Ed’s Outlook

Bowling leagues are wrapping up their 2021-2022 seasons. Congratulations to the league champions. We will return with the bowling column in the early fall months.

Next week, look for our Golfing Highlights column.

Bowling Tip by Mike Luongo

Today we talk about several important tips for improving your game of bowling.

If you are a lefty, another exceptionally good tip that you will want to use is to make sure you go for a Brooklyn when you hook your ball. In using this technique, you are going to want to go for the 1,2 pocket which will be much more effective for you if you want to get a great strike with a curved ball.

When it comes to bowling, the score that everyone aims to get is a strike. Well, the best way to bowl a strike is make sure you are aiming for the right pocket when you are throwing the ball.

In getting the ball to the pocket choose either the 1,2 pocket or the 1,3 pin pocket whichever fits your right hand or left hand style.

Remember, bowling is not a competition over who can pick up the heaviest ball. What matters is who can use their bowling ball to score the most. Choose a lighter ball, one that is not too light but one you can handle and control.

During your release, do not bring the ball too high on your forward swing if you want to get a strike.


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