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Ramona's Ramblings

Best Day

Ramona Jan
Posted 5/14/24

It’s rare to have a best day these days, especially if you are me. But I had one this past Saturday, at JURNI’s Mother’s Day Health and Wellness fair. JURNI, located in Cocheton, NY …

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Ramona's Ramblings

Best Day


It’s rare to have a best day these days, especially if you are me. But I had one this past Saturday, at JURNI’s Mother’s Day Health and Wellness fair. JURNI, located in Cocheton, NY is co-owned by Jen Bernas and Janayna Brockner, two lovely local women who are bringing wellness to our area in many different ways. I’ve already written about their Quantum Healing Room (EE System) in my 4/23 column so I won’t repeat that information. Instead, I’ll highlight some of the vendors who made my day the very best. 

Monica Bennett, Naturopathic Doctor specializing in anxiety. Originally from Long Island, Monica has taken workshops by Carolyn Myss, Cheryl Richardson, Deepak Chopra, Anthony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, Christian Northrop, Louise Hay, and Bob Proctor of “The Secret.” She is a certified LifeSuccess Consultant, Reflexologist, Biodynamic Gardener, Nia dancer, C-IQ Coach and a student of the following: Silva Method, The Sedona Method, Pycho-Cypernitics, NLP, and Cognitive Behavior Therapy.

I had a 30-minute reflexology session with Monica and wow! Reflexology, as you may already know, is an ancient art that works on specific areas on the feet and hands that reflect all the body’s internal organs. After the session, I felt better inside and out. For more on Monica visit: https://monicabennett.biz

John Roynon, Transformation Guide and Reiki Master. Originally from southwest England, John helps “people who feel overwhelmed, stuck, or uncomfortable with change by quickly honing in on contributing factors to help them gain clarity about what’s going on and identify steps they can take to regain balance and control.”

I have already had personal sessions of both Reiki and Transformation with John. He is one of the most intuitive and gentle healers I have ever worked with. If you are looking to get ‘unstuck’ John will combine both Reiki and his transformative guidance to help you “set healthy boundaries, confront fears, and examine and let go of limiting thoughts and beliefs.” To contact John Roynon: https://www.johnroynon.com/.

Kelsey Riley, Eyeawaken Wellness. Kelsey is a Yoga Instructor specializing in Chair Yoga for those of us who like to work out sitting down, like me. She’s also a Reiki Master, a Holistic Health Coach, and a practitioner of Ayurveda. 

According to River Family Wellness in Callicoon, NY where Kelsey is a resident practitioner, “Kelsey’s energy work is based on the principle that our well-being is a direct result of our internal state. Her goal is to inspire and increase the possibilities of transformation through the ancient practices of Reiki for the client’s development.” 

Reiki is a form of energy healing originating in Japan wherein practitioners use their palms to transfer a ‘universal energy’ from practitioner to patient to encourage emotional and/or physical healing. At the fair, I received an intuitively led Reiki treatment at the hands of Kelsey. You can find Kelsey at: https://www.riverfamilywellness.com/team/kelsy-riley.

Yogi Satya Mary & Yogi Ariel Leeu, Energy Shift Yoga and Massage. At the fair, I had an excellent chair massage from Satya, a Massage Therapist and graduate of Manhattan’s Institute of Health and Sciences, and a certified Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga Instructor. Her husband, Ariel Leeu is the originator of Energy Shift Yoga, a blend of Kundalini, Hatha, Tibetan, and Shamanic Yoga.

Satya and Ariel are now both resident healers at JURNI offering Therapeutic Massage, Swedish and Thai, Hypnosis for Weight Loss, Pass Life, and Stress Reduction, Guided Meditations, Group and Private Energy Shift Yoga, and many more healing services. To book services with this team at JURNI: https://jurnihealing.com/our-center or to find out more about their offerings: https://www.energyshiftyoga.net/.

There were numerous vendors at the fair. I visited most tables and all are worth a mention, but I have a word limit of 600, and now I’m over that limit. Perhaps JURNI will have another fair in the fall. 

RAMONA JAN is the Founder and Director of Yarnslingers, a storytelling group that tells tales both fantastic and true. She is also the roving historian for Callicoon, NY and is often seen giving tours around town. You can email her at callicoonwalkingtours@gmail.com.


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