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Random Thoughts

Dollar Daze

Hudson Cooper
Posted 2/23/24

You do not have to be a spy or a secret agent to pass hidden messages and codes to people on a daily basis. Every one of us carries a multitude of paper that contains symbols, images and microprints …

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Random Thoughts

Dollar Daze


You do not have to be a spy or a secret agent to pass hidden messages and codes to people on a daily basis. Every one of us carries a multitude of paper that contains symbols, images and microprints that hold secret messages. Although some of these are used to prevent counterfeiting others appear to promote agendas that we can discern or are just puzzling.

All you need is a good magnifying glass and the paper currency that you have in your wallet or pocketbook. Almost every denomination of American currency has some hidden symbols, words and depictions that tell some kind of secret story. This column will examine the dollar bill and its secret messages.

It is no surprise that the $1.00 bill is the most widely circulated note in the United States. We all learned at an early age when the tooth fairy left us the dollar underneath our pillow that the front of the bill has a portrait of George Washington.

 On the back of the dollar bill is the great seal of the United States known as the obverse. On the right side of the seal an eagle holds an olive branch and thirteen arrows representing the thirteen original states. If you have a magnifying glass or can enlarge a photo on your smart phone, there are many items you may have never noticed.

Above the eagle there is a formation of thirteen stars forming a six-pointed star that some claim is the Star of David, a symbol of the Jewish people. That notion is often shut down by those who claim it is just a simple geometric arrangement of the thirteen states.

In the circle that surrounds the eagle is a banner with the Latin words “novus ordo secundum” which means” new order of the ages”. It celebrates a new America free of British rule.

If you look closely, you can ascertain that in its beak the eagle is holding a scroll that reads “E Pluribus Unum” which means “out of many one” reflecting the unity of the thirteen original states of the nation. 

The back of the bill also depicts a 13-step unfinished pyramid. The interpretation is that each step, again, represents the original state of the union. But what is the meaning of the eye floating above the pyramid? Well, many of our founding fathers, including George Washington, were members of a group clothed in secrecy, the Freemasons. That eye is a trusted symbol of the Freemasons. It represents being under the “watchful eye” of the Supreme Architect.

Below the pyramid is another Latin phrase “Annuit Coeptis” that translates ‘He Favors our Undertakings.” It expresses the belief that the heretofore Supreme Architect is on our side and supports our cause. 

The designers of the dollar bill were not done hiding religious-toned messages on the dollar bill. At the base of the pyramid there is a Roman numeral MDCCLXXVI which stands for 1776. 1776 is also known as the “Angel Number.” It indicates that we have the right to pursue life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Besides George Washington a bunch of the founding fathers were members of the Freemasons. Benjamin Franklin and Paul Revere were also active in that secret club. In fact, Mr. Franklin, while not flying his kite, inventing bifocals and the lightening rod began printing paper money as early as 1728. In 1765 he proposed that we create a system of universal paper currency.

Future columns will expose the secrets of other denominations of our currency. Just be sure to have a magnifying glass handy or a pair of Mr. Franklin’s inspired bifocals so you can follow along. Also, FYI he called his invention to improve eyesight the “double spectacle.”

Hudson Cooper is a resident of Sullivan County, a writer, comedian and actor.


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