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Kenoza Lake - May 29

Susan Brown Otto
Posted 5/29/20

As I write my weekly column, it is an overcast day here in Bethel. It has just started to sprinkle. Most of the deciduous trees have bloomed out. The apple blossoms have blown away. Spring is in full …

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Kenoza Lake - May 29


As I write my weekly column, it is an overcast day here in Bethel. It has just started to sprinkle. Most of the deciduous trees have bloomed out. The apple blossoms have blown away. Spring is in full gear here. Turtles are on the move (yesterday I saw one on Perry Road). May is my favorite month of the year. What is your favorite month?

John Girrbach, the Chairman of the Kenoza Lake United Methodist Church's Administrative Board tells me that the latest news is that the Kenoza Lake United Methodist Church cannot re-open until at least July 6th.

In my humble opinion, that is a bit unfortunate as we have 20 pews in the church, and Governor Cuomo said we can re-open a church if we have 10 or fewer people attending service.

Last Sunday, I went into the church and played and sang one of my favorite hymns, The Battle Hymn of the Republic. Then I rang the church bell. Kathy Armbrust, Molly Whalen and John Girrbach mentioned that they all heard the bell ringing.

One can still watch Pastor Bridgette LeConey of the White Sulphur Springs United Methodist Church service, on-line by going to either the website of Facebook page of the Kenoza Lake United Methodist Church.

Last night I “attended” the Town of Bethel Town Board Zoom meeting. I did not take copious notes. I suggest that you contact the Town of Bethel website for verification of the information. However, I understand that the Town of Bethel day camp is currently a maybe.

The Fourth of July fireworks will not happen in July, however, maybe in August? Stay tuned. Farmers' Market is a go. The Town of Bethel Planning Board is scheduled to meet on June 15th. The next Town Bethel Town Board meeting will be June 8th and will be a zoom meeting.

You know that expression, “you have to make hay while the sun shines?” Well, our local farmers were singing that tune earlier this week, along with, “when it rains it pours”? I noted that the Breys, Slaters and Rossals were feverishly making hay. (Don't you just adore the fragrance of freshly mowed hay? Mmmmmmm.)

Brown Farms was awash with that fragrance on Tuesday as Dave and George Slater were making the hay on Brown Farms. I note that Boomer Russell had his plows and other planting equipment ready to go. The field near the former Harold Norris residence in Fosterdale recently got plowed. Plowing equipment has moved to the Rossal field on Pucky Huddle Road. No rest for the weary!

So, some folks are confused with the upcoming elections. There are two different elections coming up. Normally, we would have already had the SCHOOL BUDGET election. This year, the Annual School Budget vote and School Board Election as well as the Western Sullivan Public Library Vote will be on Tuesday, June 9th. ABSENTEE BALLOT ONLY. Qualified voters will receive absentee ballots by mail. If you or another qualified voter have not received an absentee ballot by June 1st, please contact District Clerk Christina Kautz at kauzchr@swcsd.org or (845) 482-4610 ext.3000. Vote will be on Tuesday, June 9th.

The second election will be the Primary election for this fall's November election. Not everyone can vote and not everyone has received a request for an absentee ballot or the actual paper ballot. Registered Republicans who requested an absentee ballot, should have received their paper ballots by now. Currently, one should be able to vote in person on June 23rd, primary day. It is not too late to request a paper ballot. Contact the Sullivan County Board of Election. I believe that there is a primary for the Democratic party, for the Presidential Candidate.

Well, my Baltimore Orioles have moved on. After two or three weeks of feverish feeding on oranges and grape jelly, they seemed to have moved on to their summer homes. Most of the Rose-breasted grosbeaks have also moved on. No more Indigo Bunting sightings. I have seen a few different fawns, including at least one fawn with the mother doe on the Otto Pucky Huddle residence. They are so small! Cute and beginning to “get their legs”.

I should not really say this, but is it my imagination? I have not seen any deer ticks this year. Shhhhhhh, do not tell anyone. I understand that a fisher cat was spotted on Perry Road. Fisher cats are super nasty.

Shout out for the week goes to Anne of Youngsville and her store, Domesticities & The Cutting Garden. If you are not already on Anne's distribution list, please send her an email and ask to be placed on her mailing list: cuttinggarden@hotmail.com. If you are planning a wedding or special event, please contact Anne for your flower needs. Also, if you are looking for a special present, check out her store. She has many fine items to choose from.

This past Tuesday late afternoon, I drove by the Woodstock Monument, located on the corner of Hurd and West Shore Road in Bethel. Mikey the Painter was refreshing the lettering on the Woodstock monument stones. I recall a few years ago, that glorious day when Duke Devlin was sitting there while Mikey was painting, and Credence Clearwater Revival's song was on the radio. “Have You Ever Seen the Rain”? All three of us sang that wonderful song, by one of the groups who performed there, 50 years ago.

FULL MOON - June 5th, Strawberry Moon. The Old Farmer's Almanac says the following:

“June's full Moon—typically the last full Moon of spring or the first of summer—is traditionally called the Strawberry Moon. This name originated with Algonquin tribes in eastern North America who knew it as a signal to gather the ripening fruit of wild strawberries. Alternative European names for this Moon include the Honey Moon and the Mead Moon. It has also been called the Rose Moon, given that many roses come to life during this part of the year!

Did You Know: June was traditionally the month of marriages and is even named after the Roman goddess of marriage, Juno. Following marriage comes the “honeymoon,” which may be tied to this full Moon's name!”


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