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Moving Towards Health

Master your morning

Maggi Fitzpatrick
Posted 2/21/23

When I first opened my online fitness coaching business in 2018, I took a course to help me learn how to create systems, find clients, and use social media for marketing. The instructors were all …

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Moving Towards Health

Master your morning


When I first opened my online fitness coaching business in 2018, I took a course to help me learn how to create systems, find clients, and use social media for marketing. The instructors were all fitness coaches and had great success moving their training businesses online. They provided us with endless strategies, tips, and support while we all figured out who we wanted to serve, what type of coaching we wanted to provide, and created our processes. 

I was fully expecting to develop my business over the course of the three month program, but one of the most powerful things I learned took me by surprise. 

One of the first things they recommended we implement was a morning routine. A morning routine is simply a set of things you do in the morning. If you think closely, you probably already have one. 

If you have a job, kids, or go to school, there is likely a process you follow to get your day started, whether you realize it or not. My instructors were suggesting we create a morning routine that includes a few things just for us, to make us better, that we do before we get started with our usual daily tasks that involve other people. 

I wasn’t sure why I would want to add anything to my day that would make me want to wake up earlier than I already was, but I decided to give it a try. 

I kept my morning routine simple as I was still commuting two hours to Manhattan each day for work. Meditation and journaling had been things I’d been wanting to try, but never implemented consistently, and I figured these would be a good place to start. 

I downloaded an app called Simple Habit for my meditations and bought The Five Minute Journal. Five minutes of meditation and five minutes of journaling seemed doable, and so I set out to be consistent. 

Implementing my new morning was challenging at first. I was in the habit of checking my phone first thing in the morning and needed to break this. The routine was supposed to be just for me, before I helped other people, and therefore it was important I didn’t answer any messages or check social media before completing my meditation and journaling. 

After a few tough days, I started to get the hang of my new morning routine and after a few weeks, I was obsessed. Not only did I feel calmer and more in control throughout the day, it felt so nice to have that ten minutes each day just for me. It wasn’t until I started my morning routine that I realized how little time I actually spent with and for myself. 

Journaling and meditation are still part of my morning routine to this day. I’ve taken many breaks from being consistent with it, and every time I do, I slip back into not feeling my best. 

I didn’t expect a ten-minute process to be the thing that completely changed my outlook on my life and business, and definitely didn’t expect it to contribute to my business success. But I can confidently say that I am my best self, the best coach I can be, and happiest when I prioritize my simple morning routine on a daily basis.

Like running a successful business, it’s impossible to prioritize our health without change. These two journeys will challenge who we are, what we believe, and how we operate each and every day. 

Routines are a key part of really leaning into our evolution, and taking a few minutes for yourself each morning is an unexpectedly powerful way to successfully move toward your healthiest self. Find one or two new practices you’d like to try, keep them simple, and see how your life shifts as a result. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the outcome.


Coach Maggi


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