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Neversink bids well-wishes to Parks & Rec. Director

Vincent Kurzrock
Posted 4/16/24

NEVERSINK — The Town Board of Neversink accepted the resignation of Parks and Recreation Director Cher Woehl and advertised her position at their regular Town Board meeting on April 10.

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Neversink bids well-wishes to Parks & Rec. Director


NEVERSINK — The Town Board of Neversink accepted the resignation of Parks and Recreation Director Cher Woehl and advertised her position at their regular Town Board meeting on April 10.

The acceptance was motioned by Councilperson Richard Coombe Jr. and seconded by Councilperson Scott Grey.

Woehl described her resignation as a ‘‘hard decision for her.’’

She noted that she talked to Town Supervisor Chris Mathews a great deal about her decision.

She said that she wanted to thank the Neversink Town Board for giving her the chance and believing in her.

She was grateful that the Board was flexible and let her ‘‘go crazy with some crazy ideas’’. She was also most grateful for the Board supporting her 100 percent and believing in her.

She noted that she is having her last Board Meeting on the 24th.

“I met with [Bookkeeper] Teri Lockheart to find out what the Board can do,” explained Woehl, “Can they progress with some of the plans that we have or had planned for through the year.”

“She said if the Board chooses a Chair, a Vice-Chair, and a Secretary, and that if they come forward monthly to you and work with [Supervisor] Chris on ideas they want to continue to pursue, they could do that. I’m going to share with them all the procedures because they can’t buy anything [without her consent], they can’t do that, they have to work with Teri.”

She said that she will meet with Supervisor Mathews and update him after her meeting on the 24th.

As a side note, she said that the Ice Rink is moved 99 percent. 

She was considering putting caution tape around the rink so nobody  steps on those coils and lets them know “you’re on camera, guys” because they are reportedly all still present.

Woehl said that she will have instructions set up on the rink so the next person will be in the know on what to do with the ice.

She also noted that she is always going to be available to Mathews and the Town whenever they need it.

Mathews took the opportunity to acknowledge all the hard work Woehl has done for the Town and community.

He said that she did exactly what the board asked when she first assumed her role. She addressed the request that the Board sought, which was to have more events locally.

“You took one of my favorite events that we do, one of the dearest to my heart, which is the Tree Lighting,” Mathews recalled. “You turned that into an amazing, amazing hallmark event and that’s a tough one to follow right there.”

He also thanked Walter Zeitschel, Member of the Grahamsville Little World’s Fair Board of Directors. He said he always called Zeitschel the ‘hardest working man around’ and he is always out there helping the Board.

Mathews also stated that he believes that Woehl was one of the contributing factors to help the Tractor Show get back on its feet.

“I do want to say I love this job, I do love it,” affirmed Woehl. “I really, truly love working with Chris, working with this Board and doing Parks and Rec. It just isn’t fair to Parks and Rec. that I don’t have the energy to do it right now, that’s not fair.”

Supervisor Mathews reassured her that her achievements were still amazing, nonetheless, as he thanked her once again.


Updates on the Pool

During his Supervisor’s Report, Mathews gave updates about where the Board was regarding the leak situation at the Grahamsville Pool.

He stated that he was aware that Councilperson Richard Coombe Jr. contacted an inspector about the leak detection in the pool. 

Mathews said that he called the individual a couple of times to which he finally got into contact with the individual that day.

“I really wanted him to come just look at the site, but he’s kind of the ‘‘you hire me and I’ll find this leak” explained Mathews.

Councilperson Richard Coombe Jr. elaborated that his thought process was, without any other context besides what was discussed by fellow Councilperson Jim Schmidt the other night, ‘‘let’s explore what’s around here’’.

He said that his conversations with the inspector not only displayed confidence, but he said the individual displayed competence as well.

“I’m no pool expert, but I think I am a reasonable-enough common sense person,” discussed Coombe. “Not saying we shouldn’t find somebody else if there’s another opportunity, but I appreciated his process as he was explaining what he was gonna go through and do.”

Mathews added that he felt similarly about the inspector.

Coombe suggested that they could ask for a few references and perhaps a few phone calls, as well.

“It still seemed to make an awful lot of sense to pinpoint where it was ... but again, I don’t know the proposal,” explained Coombe.

Mathews responded by stating he’ll send said proposal out the next day. Coombe stated the the person he spoke with told him that it depends on where he has to go and what he has to do [to find the leak].

Mathews described that the last time it was explained to him how much water was lost, it was ‘‘very significant’’.

Coombe recalled that it was roughly an inch of water a day that was lost, but Highway Superintendent Preston Kelly  thought it was a little more than that the day prior. He estimated the loss to be at three inches.

When asked by Woehl where it is all going, Mathews said that it is leaking into the ground and into the sand and gravel then to the water table so it can’t be seen.

“This guy was like ‘‘I will find your leak, I guarantee it,” Coombe commented, “I will guarantee that I will pinpoint this leak and tell you exactly where it is,” he said.”


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