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Moving Towards Health

Three health non-negotiables

Maggi Fitzpatrick
Posted 7/25/23

Staying committed to our health can be very challenging, especially with the endless amounts of information coming at us from every angle. Right when we’ve caught up with the latest trend, a …

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Moving Towards Health

Three health non-negotiables


Staying committed to our health can be very challenging, especially with the endless amounts of information coming at us from every angle. Right when we’ve caught up with the latest trend, a new one is coming out that has us questioning everything we know and have just implemented. 

Unfortunately, if we fall into this cycle of constantly changing it up, we aren’t very likely to see any results or move closer to our goals. Simplicity and consistency are very important when it comes to our health, and this is why we must have a few health non-negotiables that we follow as the baseline of our lifestyle. Three of the most important health non-negotiables that will help keep us feeling our best are walking, strength training, and drinking water.

Walking is one of the most underrated forms of exercise. As humans, our bodies are made to move in continuous motions for long periods of time. Because we spend so much time sitting while we work and while traveling from place to place, it’s important we intentionally take time to walk each day. 

Walking as a form of exercise can help us improve our cardiovascular fitness and heart health, and helps prevent or manage illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes. Walking outside in nature is even better, if possible, because sunlight helps improve our mood, regulate our sleep schedule, and increase our Vitamin D intake. Start with a small amount of time you can commit to and work your way up to around 30 minutes per day.

Strength training is often an overcomplicated form of exercise. As we age, incorporating strength training into our routine two to three times per week not only helps keep us strong, but also will help decrease our likelihood of getting injured. It also helps to increase our bone density, improve metabolism to maintain a healthy body composition, and increases our confidence. 

Strength training can feel overwhelming because we’re often told we need to spend hours a day and five to six days per week at the gym, and while you can do that if you want, all you need is to focus on incorporating two to three full-body workouts per week.

Lastly, we all know that drinking water is very important for our health, but it can be easier said than done. There are many different recommendations for how much water we should be drinking each day, but no matter how much you hear, it’s important we commit to drinking it. Staying hydrated is a key to our health because it helps us think clearly, helps our cells and organs function optimally, increases our ability to regulate our temperature, and decreases our chances of developing health struggles such as kidney stones, migraines, and inflammation. 

Keep track of how many ounces of water you drink each day for a few days, and then gradually increase from there. Find an amount that works for you and keeps you hydrated and commit to drinking at least that much each day.

When I think of my health non-negotiables, it’s important I remind myself that they are exactly that: non-negotiable. Making commitments to ourselves can be scary, especially when we don’t yet believe we can do it. Remember that your health is in your hands, and it’s up to you to prioritize it. Start small and keep it simple. 

Simplicity is key when it comes to proving to ourselves that we can be consistent, and these three non-negotiables are a great place to start.


Coach Maggi 


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