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I was asked by a reader to address the recent New York Times article which alleges that Chasidic schools in New York are not providing adequate general education.   Right now, we are in … more
Autumn is officially here with its cooler temperatures and leaves changing color. For many, fall is their favorite season, a sentiment I don’t share. I never liked fall because it meant winter … more
Rosh Hashana is coming this upcoming Sunday night till Tuesday night. Rosh Hashana means the beginning of the year. It is one of the most important holidays in the Jewish calendar and most Jews in … more
I read a story about an artist who was commissioned to paint a mural showing the life of Christ in a Sicilian cathedral. He used a twelve-year-old boy with an innocent face as a model for Jesus. … more
Have you been waiting for something for a long time? Or at least it feels like a long time? Have your prayers remained unanswered, or so it seems? Are you growing weary of it all, wishing something … more
Imagine if in twenty years from now, we discover extraterrestrial intelligent life. The world would be ablaze with curiosity to find out about life on that remote planet. Imagine that … more
Even though I didn’t get many wild strawberries this year, God blessed me with an abundance of blueberries. A friend invited me to travel to a pick-your-own blueberry farm, and we enjoyed a few … more
In the Jewish Calendar, we are starting the annual 9 days of mourning this Friday, July 29, culminating in a fast day on Sunday, August 7, called Tishah B’av. The mourning is on the destruction … more
Have you ever reached your limit and said, “That’s it. I’m done. I cannot go another step?” We’ve all been there, probably in many different areas of our lives. We see … more
In the past, I mentioned Rabbi Yoel Gold. He is a Rabbi in L.A. and produces interesting short videos with personal stories. They can be found on YouTube by searching “Rabbi Yoel Gold”. … more
One of my favorite places to walk is up a road through a wooded area with a brook running alongside it. It’s a bit of a steep walk, but the beauty of the surroundings keeps me trudging along, … more
Hi Everyone,With the summer spirit upon us, I tried my hand in some poetry. I hope you’ll enjoy it! To the mountains I raise my eyes,And with my pen I’ll express my praise.In the … more
Some years ago I discovered a patch of wild strawberries at the far end of our field. Each year I look forward to picking and eating the tiny sweet treats on my birthday. When I checked the plants … more
Exodus chapters 13 and 14 tell the story of Israel’s deliverance from the slavery and bondage they knew in Egypt.  God had brought ten plagues upon the land of Egypt, and finally … more
I want to thank the readers for the very nice feedback, I received after the article two installments ago. In the last few weeks, it has been difficult for me to write, the good words that the … more
If you are a craftsman of any sort, you have undoubtedly experienced a time when you made a slip and cried out, “Oh no! I’ve ruined it!” Whether you were working with pottery or … more
Every caterpillar spends his early life crawling on the ground, existing in low-life living, all the while knowing that hidden deep within is a beautiful creature that is meant to soar and fly and … more
Rabbi Yoel Gold is a Rabbi and a High School teacher in Los Angeles. He’s become famous for his master storytelling skills. In the last few years, he’s created a nice number of videos in … more
When we first meet Peter, he is a hardened fisherman. Not the Sunday afternoon relaxing by the lake with a rod and reel fisherman, but a work all night letting down the nets into the sea and … more
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