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Golfing Highlights

Area youth golfers attend SLGC summer camp

Ed Townsend
Posted 8/26/22

Eighteen youth golfers attended this year’s annual Swan Lake Golf & Country Club golf camp held August 8-11.

This marks the 25th year that head golf professional Bob Menges and his golf …

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Golfing Highlights

Area youth golfers attend SLGC summer camp


Eighteen youth golfers attended this year’s annual Swan Lake Golf & Country Club golf camp held August 8-11.

This marks the 25th year that head golf professional Bob Menges and his golf camp staff has conducted this great learning opportunity for youth golfers. 

This year’s campers included Mia Bloom, Giuliana Gallo, Angelina Schwartz, Allison Kelly, Bridget Fallon, Riley Church-Bradley, Aleksandra Bernas, Luke Bernas, Jace Martin, Kevin Kubenik, Mason Garber, Lila Kubenik, Ashton Martin, Quinlian Kelly and Tanner Houtaling.

The golf camp covers instruction on what to do in practice rounds, how to warm-up before going on the golf course, putting and short game challenge drills, pre- and post-shot routines, mental preparation, how to use exercises and personalized drills.

Instructors helping with the overall operations of the camp included Joe Frankie, Adam Bradley, Kevin Clifford and Kelly O’Donnell.

Tiger Woods tries to  save professional golf

Christine Brennan, a columnist for USA Today, says in her opinion column that Tiger Woods is trying “to save pro golf as its ‘leaders’ are lost and helpless vs. LIV golf.”

Brennan noted, “that men’s golf is back in the news for all the wrong reasons.”

Brennan said in her most recent opinion column that, “lawsuits are flying like Phil Mickelson tee shots,” and “rumors continue to swirl about who will be the next player to escape the shackles of the multi-million-dollar PGA Tour Life for the warm embrace of Mohammed bin Salman.”

The opinion column by Brennan said that “golfers who use to be pals are angry with their former playing partners and tour players are holding unprecedented meetings,” and “the four majors don’t have the courage to take a real stand and some golfers who left for LIV have already sued for the right to come back.”

Brennan made note that, “Tiger Woods met with a group of top players and the organizations running the four men’s majors had spoken up threatening banishment from the Masters, PGA Championship, U.S. Open and British Open.

What happened next is that the so-called leaders of golf did nothing.

The chaos has now confused and infuriated fans, unsettled sponsors and TV networks.

Tiger Woods indicates his desire to save golf. 

Brennan said, “there have been those who say taking powerful action against the men who are using golf to sports wash Saudi atrocities and threatening to ruin the professional game should be a gimme for the powers that be in golf.”

She added, “Instead, sadly, it has paralyzed them and all these years they had golf clubs in their hands, when someone should have given them a moral compass.”

Golf Tip by Robert Menges

How to start your Downswing to become more consistent.

To start your downswing, you want to feel as though your hands stay at the top of the backswing and your front legs start the downswing. 

Of course, this won’t happen, but that’s the feeling you should have.

You should also experiment with different parts of your front leg to start your downswing. I recommend using your front knee or your front hip. 

Simply swing back as normal and then feel as though your hands do nothing, because it should be your front knee or hip that pulls your downswing into action.

A good drill to get this feeling is to swing back as normal but pull your front foot in so it touches your back foot at the top of the backswing. And then to start your downswing, simply move your front foot into its normal position and swing through.

This will help to teach you the correct chain of events for the downswing.

Golf Scores

Swan Lake

Tuesday Night Birdie Division

1. Bell & Freaney 161.0

2. Clifford & Hauser 150.5

3. Ditmar & Moylan 142.0

4. Hicks & Garber 140.0

5. Welsh & Duquette 136.5

6. VanKeuren & VanKeuren 134.0

7. Torrens & Lagatutta 130.0

8. Luczynski & Garigliano 123.0

9. Huggler & Murphy 111.5

10. Byrne & Byrne 110.5

11. Williams & Divita 107.5

12. Erlwein & Meyer 107.0

13. Keherley & Rhupert 103.0

14. Atkins & Festa 96.5

15. Merklin & Heisler 89.0

16. Merklin & Austin 65.5

Tuesday Night Par Division

1.Fanning & Marciano 143.0

2. Whipple & Whipple 132.5

3. Herzog & Clifford 132.0

4. Roth & Roth 129.0

5. Wheeler & Hamlin 128.0

6. Tanous & Wilhelm 127.5

7. Diehl & Bradley 120.5

8. Finn & Russell 191.0

9. Schadt & Mall 118.5

10. VanKeuren & Nieman 115.5

11. Gallo & Roth 115.0

12. Sazoff & Riente 114.5

13. Frankie & Frankie 108.5

14. Rusin & Ellison 104.0

15. O’Malley & Ellison 102.0

16. Donovan & Scheibe 91.0

Tarry Brae

Tuesday Mens

1. Green & Garcia 190.5

2. Yaun & Gilmore 189.5

3. Aymes & Sauchuck 182.5

4. Bonsick & Cassevah 178.5

5. Jester & Mullen 178.0

6. Diffenderfer & Fleischman 174.5

7. Collete & Iqbal 170.0

8. Flores & Kukas 167.0

9. Martin & Poppo 165.0

10. Schneider & Garber 162.5

11. Kushetsky & Hinkley 161.5

12. Pollock & Carey 158.0

13. Metakes & Winship 151.5

14. Kawauchi & Altbach 148.0

14. Simpson & Wolcott 148.0

16. Goldberg & Klugman 143.0

Tennanah Lake

Thursday Mens Palmer Division

1. Roseo & Tallman 197.0

2. Forsblum & Gabeline 172.5

3. Seibert & Bridges 169.5

4. Bowers & Green 160.5

5. Calkin & Schumacher 158.5

6. Stock & Wolcott 157.0

7. Walsh & Simpson 153.0

8. Giordano & Nogin 151.0

9. Parucki & Drown 150.5

10. McGreevy & Estabrook 147.5

11. Haas & Tucker 139.0

12. Cassevah & Strauss 92.0


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