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Moving Towards Health
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One of the most frustrating and unfortunate parts of exercise is injury. While there are many precautions we can take to try to avoid it, there is always a chance that something unexpected happens. … more
Over the course of the last six years, I’ve learned there are many ways managing our health is similar to running a business. In both, we think it needs to be complicated, and that complexity … more
Have you ever told someone about a goal or dream of yours and their response was all of the reasons why it might not work out? Having a support system is crucial to successfully reaching our goals, … more
The extra hour of sunshine hitting my face in the afternoon this week has me feeling more energized than I have all winter. You may be feeling similarly, now that daylight savings time has arrived … more
Strength training is one of my favorite forms of exercise. Few things can make you feel as accomplished as proving to yourself that you can lift a heavy weight, do more pushups than you have been … more
Movement is a crucial component of our health. Unfortunately, many current jobs require us to sit for many hours at a time, which increases the amount of time we spend sedentary each day. We all know … more
Failure is something we all try to avoid. Putting ourselves in positions with the possibility of not being successful makes us vulnerable, and that can be scary and frustrating. While we usually try … more
It all started one summer night after a Sullivan County Women’s Softball League game at Collin’s Park in 2018. Cosmos and I were on our way home to Montgomery after the game and as the … more
Breakfast is a highly debated topic. Many experts advocate for eating breakfast every day, while there are just as many who encourage avoiding it at all costs. Whether or not to eat breakfast is a … more
One of the largest components of our health is stress. While we don’t want to have too much of it, some stress is actually necessary for optimal performance. Usually when we think of stress, we … more
There is no shortage of difficult decisions to make when it comes to our health. Every single day, we must make many choices on what to eat, how to move our bodies, what information to consume, when … more
This past weekend, Cosmos and I made the trip to Columbus, Ohio to watch the Top 25 women’s basketball matchup between the Ohio State Buckeyes and the Iowa Hawkeyes. If you follow any sports at … more
Would you talk to someone else the same way you talk to yourself? My guess is no, because you’d never be as mean to someone else as you are to yourself. The way we talk to and about ourselves … more
Building muscle is important to our overall health, especially as we age. Not only does having more muscle make us stronger and better at doing every day activities, it also improves our overall … more
Now that we’ve officially started the new year, you may be feeling pressure around setting new goals or resolutions. This is a very common time of year to take on new goals, especially around … more
As the year is coming to a close and the ground is wrapped in a blanket of snow, many holiday treats are being made, decorated, and consumed. My sister found a fantastic dairy-free pumpkin pie recipe … more
Now that we’re nearing the end of 2023, it’s time to reflect on our goals from the year, assess how much progress we’ve made toward them, and acknowledge what our intentions are for … more
My home gym has been a work in progress for a few years now. When all of the gyms closed in 2020, it became very important to me to have my own space to workout in. At that time, I purchased a squat … more
Confidence is the feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something, having firm trust, or the state of feeling certain about the truth of something. In theory, we all know that confidence … more
A few weekends ago, my husband and I took all four of our dogs on a hike. At two o’clock in the afternoon, we arrived at Mohonk Preserve to meet up with family and had about three hours of … more
The holiday season is officially kicking off this week. Thanksgiving is often the start of many gatherings, shared meals, gifts exchanged, and holiday parties with no end in sight. It’s easy to … more
Building healthy habits can be a challenging process. We all have habits, and some of them are better for us than others. While there are many different recommendations out there on how many days it … more
Incorporating resistance training into our health routine is very important, as resistance training helps us maintain and improve muscle mass, strength, and bone density as we age. Two of the biggest … more
One of the most commonly used stimulants in the world is caffeine. According to recent research, over 90% of adults use it regularly to improve alertness, energy levels, and their mood. There are … more
Fear of the unknown is one of the most common barriers that stands in our way of doing new things. When it comes to optimizing our health, it’s crucial we continue to take inventory of where we … more
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